How to Draw a Baby

How to Draw a Baby

How to Draw a Baby

How to draw a baby Few items in this world are prettier than a baby! Babies always delight those around them with their interest in the world. Their pretty faces don’t hurt when it comes to seducing individuals, either! If you love babies and have wanted to learn how to draw one, you’ve probably realized that drawing one of these little ones can be much more difficult!

To help you out, we have created this guide on drawing a baby in just seven easy steps so that you can draw an adorable baby in no time. If you are looking for drawings of houses, cute drawings, children’s drawings, cartoon drawings, drawings of girls, 3D drawings, and many more, then you are in the right place. Here, you will find all these drawings.

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How to Draw a Baby

Step 1

For this first step in our guide on how to draw a baby, we’ll start with the baby’s head. Infants have big round heads, so we’re heading to use a nice round shape for the system of the head. As an additional guide, you can draw a rough oval shape with a pencil to help you with the shape of the head. The bottom of the head shape will be slightly flattering to the jawline and the bump to the chin.

Step 2

A baby’s arm is still becoming a fully developed arm, so it is quite short and stocky. The arm we will draw in this step of drawing your baby will mainly consist of two short sections. You can draw a shoulder below the infant’s ear and then haul it down to draw the segmented arm. The place to add a cute little arrow at the end!

Step 3

We’ll use a similar process for step 3 of this guide on drawing an infant. This arm will be on the other side but look similar to the previous one. The main difference with this arm is that the hand will be different from the other since it is at a different angle.

Step 4

You’ve drawn your baby’s lead and arms, so it’s a moment to add some legs! Babies tend to sit in a reclined position, so we’ll use curved lines to draw the legs under this baby. Once the legs appear as in the contact image, you can draw feet at the backs of the legs. Feet can be tricky, so take a close look at the reference image to understand how they should look.

Step 5

In this step of our how to draw a baby tutorial, we will count a cute small face for your baby. Babies have big round eyes so we will use round shapes for your baby’s face design. You can produce the eyes as they appear in our reference image, but if you like a less realistic image, you can also use much simpler forms for the eyes. bNext, use short, curved lines for the baby’s snout and mouth. You can also draw them in a vastly simpler style if you choose that look for your drawing.

Step 6

Your adorable baby drawing is almost ready! Before we color your drawing, we’ll add some final details. Certain lines on the trunk, legs, and arms will add some definition to your baby and highlight parts like the chest and tummy buttons.

Once these points have been drawn, you can also think of more fun details! For example, you can draw accessories for your baby, like a feeding bottle or an adorable teddy bear. If you’re more clever, you can draw a fun background or a cute costume for the baby. How will you finish drawing your baby?

Step 7

This brings us to the last step in this guide on how to draw a baby! You’ve reached the end and already have a beautiful design, but some colors will finish it beautifully! We’ve shown how you can color your baby’s design in our reference image, but you’ll need to use your creative flair and imagination to fill in the colors!

If there is a cute baby in your life, you can color this one to look like that baby! Choosing colors is only part of the fun, and you can play around with beautiful art mediums. From acrylic paints and colored pens for more vibrant colors to watercolors and pencils for a softer look, there’s no wrong way to go about it. We must continue seeing the colors and clever mediums you choose for your drawing.

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