How to Draw Leaves On A Tree

Leaves on A Tree Drawing

How to Draw Leaves On A Tree. When you get out into nature, many beautiful sights exist. One of the best sights in nature is a tree full of beautifully colored leaves!

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Because a tree is made up of thousands of individual leaves, mastering the drawing of the leaves on the tree can be difficult due to the intricate nature of all these separate parts.

However, if you know what to do and have a few steps to follow, you can easily recreate the wonderful sight of a tree’s leaves!

How to Draw Leaves On A Tree

Step 1

In this first step of our tutorial on drawing leaves on A tree, we will not draw any leaves at all.

At least not yet! Instead, we’ll draw some branches and twigs to which the leaves will be attached.

The branch has a long middle section with several smaller branches branching from the middle section.

To do this, you can draw a series of curved lines that will start composing these branches.

The line on the left is shown as a continuous curved line; on the right, you can draw a Stick Stick Out, as shown in our reference image.

Step 2

For this second part of your leaf-on-tree design, we’ll continue what you did in the previous step to expand the branch.

The branch has a long middle section with several smaller branches branching from the middle section.

It might look pretty complicated in our reference image, but if you take it slow, you should have no problem replicating what our example looks like.

Step 3

You have come to this guide on drawing some leaves, and you can draw the first one in this step of our tutorial on drawing leaves on a tree!

You can draw the first leaf on the inferior right department from the first step. Once you’ve drawn this leaf, you can extend the branch from the back and further away from the main branch.

There will also be a few twigs sticking out of that small branch behind the leaf.

Step 4

You can add many more leaves to the image in this part of your leaves-on-tree design!

For this step, you’ll add more leaves to most of the smaller branches you drew in the previous steps.

In this step, you’ll add 6 new leaves, and your branch will look much fuller after doing that!

Step 5

You can finish drawing all the leaves on this branch for this fifth step of our how to draw leaves on a tree guide.

These leaves are pinned onto any remaining empty branches of the branch. In total, you should add 7 leaves to match our reference image.

Now that you’ve drawn all the leaves, it’s just a matter of adding a few final details!

Step 6

You did a great job drawing all those branches and leaves, and this part of your leaves on tree design is where you can add some final little details.

Draw Leaves On A Tree

These details mainly consist of a few veins on each of the leaves. To do this, simply draw a center line through each leaf and then draw some smaller lines out from that center line.

This applies to all of our details, but feel free to add your own details and additional elements!

You could draw some small flowers on the branch or add some lines to the branch to get some woody details.

How will you finish this drawing before the last stage of coloring!

Step 7

You have reached the last seventh step of this guide on how to draw a tree. This step is about expressing yourself with beautiful colors for your drawing.

Leaves on A Tree Drawing

As you can see in our reference image, we used a simple but pretty brown and green color scheme.

You could go for this look for your design, but there are many other options!

If you want brighter, warmer colors, you can make it a fallen tree by using orange and red for the leaves.

When you colorize your image, you have many options in how you colorize it.

For nature-related images, it can be nice to use more muted media like watercolors or colored pencils, but whatever you use will look great!

Your Leaves On A Tree Drawing is Finished!

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