Effects and Future of Television Industry

Effects and Future of Television Industry

Effects of Television Industry
Television industry have numerous effects on the society ranging from physiological to psychological effects, we are currently aware of all the mainstream hazards linked with the television industry from example consumption of television in regards of technological aspect affects our brain and the eyesight, monitoring the consumption hours of kids who watch television more often is a must, since they are in developing age their eyes have a risk of getting photosensitive. (MOMJUNC, 2020) With a general idea of the physiological effects that most societies are aware of, there are also few crucial psychological effects which have camouflage themselves in the lights of glamour, and breaking news. We know that ever since the birth of the media, we see a particular sort of narrative building/opinion leading within the masses. This attribute of opinion leading and narrative building is specifically enhanced in regards to the television industry. Now the question arises why is it so? It is because that television is a common medium for a lay man to consume. (WIKI, 2000)

We consume content through television industry, most of the content prevails a certain set of ideological concepts, and sometimes these ideological concepts have no social space in a particular society, but due to the over glorification of such ideologies television industry creates an essence of social acceptance of such ideologies. Consider an example of Pakistani Society where westernized concepts prevail due to the smart integration of westernised concepts on mainstream media, for example Valentine’s day. Secondly although this narrative building enhances the thinking ability of a lay man, but leaves the same layman in a state of political correctness, this political correctness leads to the individual questioning his own sense of morality, sense of religion, and sense of social constructs. (LIFECOM, 2020)

Another effect can be seen through the ideation of alter-reality, where physiological effects are there, but the idea for creating false reality for the consumer is even more dangerous, now a days where content like WWE, is the big reason for debate understanding whether it is fake or real for consumers. Furthermore the effects include the ideation of fiction vs nonfiction, where fiction helps educate the consumer but that fiction is often perceived as reality by the consumer.

Future of Television Industry:-

In the postmodern era, our global is now on the verge of technological advancements. Where new media technologies have taken over the conventional concepts of technology. And with the emergence of the internet with mobile phones and laptops, we see a new form of social media in the early 2000’s to the end of 2020. Due to the abundance of technology and the popularity of social media applications we now observe a digital shift from the traditional mediums like television or radio to the internet for the consumption of digital content. We now see an indulgence of Netflix, or Amazon prime which are now leading the television industry to online platforms, in the primitive days we used to wait for our favorite episode of “how I met your mother”, “Big Bang theory” or “Smallville” for week to get it aired, but due to the presence of mobile application the entire season is being upload on the same date, which consumers appreciate even more and the fluidity of the content remains consistent. Furthermore we see that the due to the presence of internet mainstream content is now being eradicated, because television was a regulated medium whereas internet is not regulated hence the content is not specific for the target audience and focuses on the collective consciousness of the masses, these are the crucial element that will shape the future of television industry. This very element of future aspects will also include personal advertising due to the accessibility of the internet. Whereas the personal advertising will be solely focused on the hobbies and interest of the viewers. Noting that if anything is not appreciated by the viewer it will not be shown to the viewer. This will help in developing ample and lucrative results for the major business tycoons in promoting their services. These services are moderately targeted towards the niche of a particular interest. The access to their choices is only given through media platforms. (DELOITTE, 2020).

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