Social Media and Internet

Social Media and Internet

The Internet got well known during 1990, while during the days we began to see different innovation organizations delivering programming projects for the sole motivation behind upgrading correspondences. These programming projects significantly included photograph or video altering, or online word processors. Site planning turned into a full time action and gave bread to thousands.

Moreover, with the creation of Wi-Fi it upset the viewpoint of the majority towards the utilization of the web, before this web customers utilized dial-up landline sets. Phones turned into the base of the beginning of the web period. It was created in 1876 and picked up 50 million clients, following 75 years. While with the beginning of the web and its social locales we see these numbers essentially improving. The Internet picked up 50 million clients inside a long time since it was first delivered in 1989. Though its applications and sites were considerably more swifter.

Instagram picked up this achievement inside 19 months in contrast with youtube and twitter they picked up this achievement inside 10 months. These raw numbers obviously point towards a heading where we understand that we are undoubtedly living in the computerized time. What’s more, the web alongside innovation has assumed control over our lives. What’s more, we have made obstructions between the physical and the online domain. We see different content makers, visual specialists, independent scholars with no personality in reality, yet picking up prevalence in the virtual world. We see these individuals utilizing virtual products for composing reports, making content, altering photographs, delivering recordings or making designs.

After understanding the contrast among the virtual world and the reality itself, We see some notable websites later shifted towards the dynamics of mobile technology applications. Facebook is one of the most recognized applications that has shaped the virtual and real narratives of the human psyche through its various social media techniques. Ever since Facebook was introduced in the early 2000s firstly known as “Facemash” an application to rate and stalk various groups and individuals within the Harvard university promise, later became the founding father of the social media world.

Facebook was recognized in the early 2005, and gained popularity in the late 2009, where it was open to access in both first world and third world countries as well making a platform for people from various backgrounds to come under one roof and interact with each other. Facebook has shaped our lives on an individual level and as well as psychological level defining various roots of political correctness.

The interface has developed from the primitive times of early 2000s till the modern day. One of the notable examples can be seen in the early facebook font and text style including the use of slangs like “lol, lamo, lmfao, Brb” etc it has shape the community to an extend that use of such slangs are part of our routine life. Before the invention of social media websites these terms were alien to us.

Furthermore we see various trends of the ongoing times in the early days and the modern days, scrolling the timeline and consuming information that is shaping our psychology of viewing things without knowing. Normally if you were to go to a place for hangout with friends, you were more focused to sit and have a conversation with them, but in the early days of media people were more concentrated on the fact of sharing restaurants and locals, to hangout and tagging friends in it.

Now what this actually did, due to the use of social media websites we see various business becoming the popular developing business, secondly we see trends of posting youtube videos on the profile, let say a music video is someone to post a video about any rock or alternative rock band out of the cultural music videos would have been considered cool and has an enlightened taste in music. If we were to go and check the profile of the friends, we will see people filling up the spaces of books and movies to show their interests and understanding the nature of other human beings who are virtually connected.

In the early days, along with Facebook there were also applications for editing photos becoming the norm, how was that possible? It was because everyone wanted to look beautiful and attractive in the profile photos posted on Facebook, making people push themselves into a fantasy world of idealism. This shows that social media towards some extent has parted our modes of reality, and has compelled various humans to adapt to the world of fantasy.

In the 2010, facebook was the hotspot for Justin Bieber and the world cup, to the slangs like “HMU” to the point where it was also easily accessible for the masses to stalk their exes. Understanding that before the use of social media, people used to stay more in touch, rather the social media using terminologies like “Connecting People” masses have grown to be more far away from each other personal level, this was due to the use of trending social status uploading giving subliminal messages to the user in the head that since this particular individual is online, he/she must be doing fine. Various websites in the early days introduced various experimental application interfaces which quickly adapted by the users to stay trendy and upto the mark. We see Facebook introducing Banner profiles, where the users used to set profile banners with woke quotations to portray a philosophical side to each individual staying politically and socially intelligent. Numerous case studies regarding social media applications have shown how people used to be in the primitive days and after the invention of social media applications stating that social media applications have shaped the very patterns of the human psyche, the portrayal of things which have never been part of the user’s life individually has constantly created pressure on the individuals in an actual gathering of the reality, in comparison to the world of the social media.

Acknowledging all the above mentioned facts, in comparison to today’s world we see that all the things in the primitive times of social media which were used to be considered cool and trendy have now been out-dated by the social media and the users. And now we see a new form of social media where political correctness is at its peak, people who were once fakely woke are actually now doings things to keep them real not only in the reality, but in the world of virtual reality as well, because with the time passing by people are becoming more critical and more woke with the dynamics of social media. We see facebook and various other applications adapting to the norms of top word controversies, we have Corona-virus in example that facebook started its live mode, where the users interact with the people live. We understand that this is the one going trend in 2020 and its end, but after a certain while when these times will be over the idea of facebook live will be old as well. We see that social media is constantly evolving and it is evolving at a rate where the change is hidden and it is not easy for the people to grasp the change. We see social media is driven with an invisible hand. Whereas that particular hand is responsible for shaping the trends. We see that people used to promote capital and lowercase letters, in the status and were considered in the definition of “cool” but if the same thing happens in today’s time, we see that people face criticism for being old and outdated. Ultimately we understand that social media and it’s trends are helping us shape the norms of society and the psychology of individuals. We see that various trends which were old in the days were put into the limelight because of the social media, various musical albums got promoted freely on the social media in the older times. And even now we see various musical and game applications along with business being promoted on the social media, have a business and a social media account of the business is the norm in the modern times. This shows us that the advertisement in the older versions of the social media websites were on the side lines whereas now it is being integrated within the posts and making the business more accessible to the user. Social media is working as an invisible hand in the modern day, for the promotion of ideas whereas we see various CEOs of these social media applications being questioned by the authorities for the invasion of privacy. This shows that people are being critical towards the acceptance of various toggle options for sharing locations and even photographs, we need to understand social media is actually used for entertainment and as well as for doing business but along with that it is also used for promoting subliminal messages in the minds of the masses.

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