What is the security guard test in Ontario? How do I study for it?

What is the security guard test in Ontario? How do I study for it?


The security guard test in Ontario is a required certification for anyone who wants to work as a guard or security officer. This can be an intimidating subject, especially if you haven’t taken any formal classes in it before. In this post we’ll explain what the security guard test looks like, how to study for it, and where people have taken theirs before.

What is the security guard test in Ontario?

The security guard test in Ontario is a series of tests that you must pass before becoming a certified security guard.

The requirements are different for each province, but most include:

  • A written exam. You will be tested on your knowledge of the law and general safety practices for working as a security guard in Ontario.
  • An oral interview with an inspector or supervisor (depending on whether you’re taking the written or oral route). This is where they’ll ask questions about your background and experience as well as any other relevant details about yourself—things like why did you pick this career path? Why do people hire security guards now? What makes good candidates stand out from others who apply for these positions (credentials can also help)?

How can I study for the security guard test in Ontario?

The best way to study for the Ontario Security Guard Exam is by using a book that was written specifically for this exam. The Ontario Security Guard Exam Study Guide will help you prepare for all of the topics on the test, including:

  • Law and regulations
  • Basic knowledge of laws like trespassing laws, noise control laws, criminal law etc.
  • Safety procedures at work sites (safety plans)

Where can I take my security guard exam in Ontario?

The test can be taken at a variety of locations. You can take it at a testing center, facility or even your own home if you wish.

Who has taken this test before?

This test administered by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. You can find out more about the Security Guard Test in Ontario at http://www.mcscs.on.ca/en/homepage/security-guard-test-guide/.

The Ministry has been administering this test for many years, so there are many people who have taken it before you and passed! The successful candidates include:

  • Scott, a police officer who hired as a security guard after he retired from his job as an RCMP officer;
  • Michael, a former military member who needed work because he had been injured while serving overseas;
  • Kenley, who wanted to start his own business but couldn’t find work until he took this course;

What are your recommendations to someone who wants to take this exam?

If you interested in taking this exam, we recommend that you first look at the Ontario Ministry of Labor website. There you will find information about the test and an application form. You can also contact them directly by phone or email if you have any questions about your eligibility for this position or if there are any other concerns related to taking the test.

Once you’ve decided how much time it will take to study for this exam (and whether or not it’s worth spending money on books), then start looking into what types of materials might help with passing it! There are plenty of resources available online as well as through our blog here at Security Guard Training Academy – so don’t hesitate!

You can study for security guard license test.

You can study for this security guard license test. The best way to prepare for the security guard test is to study on your own, but you should also consider taking a class or getting help from someone who has already passed their exam and can offer advice about what topics might be important for you to know.

You may able to use online resources like Security Guard Licence (a website that prepare your test) or Flash Security website if you interested in studying at home instead of going into a classroom setting. However, both sites require users to create an account before they’re able to access any materials; this might not be feasible if you’re just starting out with studying right now!

If neither of these options are available where you live then there are many colleges around Ontario where one could take courses related specifically towards passing this certification test–just make sure that whoever teaches them has been certified first by passing their own exam before teaching others how best learn themselves too.”


As you can see, there are many resources available to help you prepare for this certification test. We hope that by reading this article, we’ve provided you with some ideas on what to study and where to go get more information. Make sure to have fun studying!

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