4 Ways to Measure Your Brand Awareness With Brand Analytics Tool

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If one is looking to expand the scale of their business activity, then only focusing on attracting traffic to one’s content is not enough. Transforming visitors into customers is a skill. With the correct brand analytics tools, one can steadily achieve the desired results.

Here are 4 simple ways to help you do just that:

  • Conducting surveys

While tools of business analytics and business intelligence can give you an understanding of how your brand is performing online, it is important to also pay attention to whether the business is trending offline or not. Surveys are one of the simplest tools that you can use to get an idea of how your brand is perceived in the general population. Free online tools such as Google Forms, Survey Gizmo, etc. can be used for the same, along with traditional methods like telephonic conversations. Measuring brand awareness through surveys should specifically involve asking questions such as “if one mentions an XYZ product, which brand flashes across your mind?”. This will allow you to estimate the strength of your brand in terms of the ability of your target audience to recall or recognize a business.

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  • Tracking search volume

One critical type of tool on your business analytics dashboard that you must not ignore is the search volume tracker. There are multiple free services such as the Google Adwords Keyword Planner, that help you keep track of the volume of online searches of your unique brand name over a set of periods. Such tools give you an idea of the levels of competitiveness that will be needed in the market to outdo other businesses and leave your mark on the long-term memory of your target customers.

  • Paying closer attention to the mentions of your brand

At times, search volume tools fail to record mentions of a business when the scale of mentioning is rather small. We are referring to instances such as comments left by people on social networking sites, blogs, online articles, and so on, that cite the name of a brand in casual dialogue. There is a business analytics tool, namely Brandwatch, that lets you search for such citations and references to paint you an accurate picture of the awareness of your brand in the common population. Such services even offer real-time features like receiving notifications whenever a mention of your brand is made in cyberspace.

Another tool you might like to explore is something known as GetSocial. It is a paid service that allows you to venture into the space of posts from private social media accounts that have mentioned your brand. Such information gives you a much clearer idea of just how strong the awareness of your brand is.

  • Using tools that offer insights into website traffic

Services like Google Analytics that highlight your overall business performance in terms of web content are one of the most valuable brand analytics tools you will use. Although not enough on its own, attracting web traffic is the basic step of getting the voice of a brand heard in the masses. Google Analytics allows you to study how people reach your cyberspace, may it be via online searches or referrals from particular sources. Another tool that is vital for your business analytics dashboard is SharedCount. This is a service that empowers you to track the number of times a certain URL has been shared.

What one must realize, at this point, is that the aforementioned tools will only contribute towards measuring the brand awareness that your business has in its crown. However, only estimating the recall and recognition potential of your brand identity will not translate to increased sales. To achieve that, one must make optimum use of the information drawn from a business analytics tool to devise educated business tactics that will bring tangible results. One must also ensure that the business analytics dashboard is constantly updated to keep up with the perpetually changing trends on social media.

Thus, measuring and increasing brand awareness is a constant process, and can be quite exhausting if you lack proper resources. If you are looking for someone to guide your business in business analytics and business intelligence, we are here to help. Reach out to us at Unboxfame.

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