As writers, we all have moments where due to some unforeseen reasons we tend to take a break from writing and it can be due to health reasons and it can be due to family reasons.

However, the main fact of the point is that we tend to completely stop writing for a long time and when we plan on getting back to writing it becomes quite difficult.

It becomes difficult for the entire writing process and mostly the creative process because we tend to not find our creativity at the maximum level and it is hard to get it back to that level.


In order to solve this, many contemporary writers tend to look towards excises to start writing again and these exercises can be helpful with novel writing or any other kind of writing.

These exercises can be in the form of creative writing prompts where certain steps are followed to write a manuscript and certain writing tips can be helpful.

However, there is no generalized law or a set of steps because these exercises are quite personalized for every writer and it can be different for different writers and even different genres.

That is exactly why we have managed to put together a few techniques used by established authors and contemporary authors on how to start writing after a long break.

These tips are in no particular order but will be excellent for you to help you know how to get back into writing after years even. You can utilise these tips to know how to get back into writing poetry, novels and every other kind of literature.



One of the best ways to get back into writing is to actually read some writing and the best way to do this is to read books from a different genre.

You can of course read books from your genre of writing but we would suggest you avoid that simply because that can influence you and that can particularly influence you after a long break.

Therefore, you must get back to reading and read different kinds of books and even magazines but the main point of this is to read a lot of writing.


After you have made the start, you must utilise this headstart with a few writing exercises and these writing exercises could or could not even be part of your current project.

You simply have to start writing and perhaps you can start writing by taking notes about a few observations throughout the day.

It is also a good thing to start writing for small side projects and maybe a few opinion pieces. This is helpful because it’s alright to get up to speed rather than starting the primary project after the break.

After these exercises, your writing acumen will have gotten back to the pre-break levels for you to start writing again.


One of the primary things that get broken during a break is the habit of writing. While creativity and other things take a hit but it is the practice of writing that gets broken.

Along with that, people fall out of the schedule they once had while they were writing before the break. Some people might have different schedules and some people might write daily or a few days a week.

In order to get back to this routine you must start this schedule once again word you write daily and you must reserve a few hours when you must not do any other work and simply try writing.


If you are a writer then you probably have gathered a few ideas during the time when you were on break and you must make sure to get back to those ideas.

You must also start your daily process of gathering ideas from daily life. You must start thinking like a writer once again and you must observe real life and you must draw inspiration from that in the development of your characters.

Once you start doing this, you will be way ahead on your way to starting your writing life and you will be back on track.

You must make sure to give the extra effort into gathering ideas because it will usually be difficult for you to get ideas after such a long break.


Before you start your primary project there is something that you can do as a writing exercise that is going to help you a lot.

Writers usually work on a lot of projects and sometimes these projects can remain unfinished and you probably have a few of them.

When you had to go on a break you probably had been working on a project that you thought about finishing but you could not get to eat because of the break.

You can start by completing that project because that will not only give you a sense of satisfaction but will help you immensely when it comes to writing exercises.


One simple way to make sure that you are writing a lot as a writing exercise is to start content writing.

While some orthodox writers might say that this will dilute your work and even degrade the quality of your writing but you are simply writing for the sake of writing to simply get the hang of it.

What other way to start writing than to actually get paid for it because content writing is challenging and if you can get into content writing you will notice that it won’t be that much difficult to get into the flow of writing.

Once you feel like you have gotten back to the stage where you can get the flow of ideas and thoughts and channelise them into writing you can then quit content writing and get back to your writing career.

We hope this blog has been helpful to you in order to get back to writing after taking a long break or hiatus.

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