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Today we are going to talk about a company that is very special and unique and today we are going to talk about an inspirational story in the IT world which is going to change the way you think about web design.

We are of course talking about the young and pragmatic company Think To Share IT solutions and how they are turning heads in the world of web design and we are going to talk about their history and why it is important.

Before that, we would like to share a quote by Think To Share CEO Parag Nandy Roy, “The universe is the limit if you are just hungry enough”.


Think To Share is an IT solutions company that does a lot more than simply being a design agency and a web development agency.

They do everything from social media management to digital marketing and software designing and nearly anything that any IT client can ask for.

This is probably one of the key reasons why Think To Share is a major player when it comes to IT solutions in India because they have something for everyone.

However, the thing that makes Think To Share important and unique is the fact that they always give opportunities to young and passionate people.

Nearly all the employees that work at Think To Share have started there very young because of the company’s policy of giving young talents a chance and their willingness to provide the opportunity.


In the early days of the company, Think To Share was a web design agency in kokata that specialised in creating websites and designing websites.

They had a very good reputation when it come to design because they always had an eye for bringing the latest and greatest technology of designing to India.

Back then websites were very basic and design was the last thing that web developers looked for because barebones functionality was everything.

Think To Share brought in a different mentality which they like to call the UX mentality.

Here are a couple of things under the UX mentality that we would like to discuss here.


It was in the early 2010s when Think To Share brought in this design mentality into the market because nobody was really thinking about the user experience.

Designs were very old-fashioned and companies only cared about content and nothing about design or even graphics or anything else put into it.

Think To Share made sure that if a website is designed well with proper design elements that made it look attractive then the functionality of the website would also increase.

This is because the users are going to have a better time and a better experience when they are browsing through the website.

This is the philosophy that is similar to staying at a hotel, however short your stay might be, it is always good to have a well-furnished hotel room.

The same goes for a website visit, UX mentality made sure the users had a better time.


Of course, everything is possible only after it can be affordable because clients back then were even more conservative when it came to budget allocation for design.

Think To Share had to make sure that whatever revolution they were trying to bring must be brought at a very reasonable cost.

It is only because of this that even the most conservative clients decided to give the new design language a chance.

From the use of infographics to the usage of minimal design language to the use of logos instead of text and creating a balanced colour palette and synergy became the norm.

Along with that was an increase in appetite for better designs by every client that they had.


After seeing the level of success that they had with this new kind of philosophy, Think To Share decided to do a lot with this newfound fame and opportunity.


The most important thing that they did was invest in new IT solution technology and that meant hiring some of the best minds in the IT world when it came to web designing and development.

Along with that came the investment in the best software and the best hardware because they always believed that only the best investments can have the best outcome.

Along with that came the investment of time with their management doing so to make sure that this new direction that they were exploring was totally worth it.


It was during that time in the early part of the decade when Think To Share started to understand the trends of the market.

Every company back then was not just happy with a website because they wanted more and that more was obviously having an app.

Apps, especially mobile apps were becoming popular and there were a lot of OS such as iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry OS, Windows Mobile OS etc.

Think To Share understood a simple fact and that is if they had to create apps then they had to be capable of creating apps on all platforms.

That led to the expansion of the software development department making it one of the major players in Think To Share.


One of the other important things that can be very inspiring for everyone in every kind of industry is the fact that Think To Share always tried to do everything in-house.

Even if it is used very little Think To Share would make sure they had something to create it and this kind of reliance made sure that once they were expanding the profit margins are better.

From a content creation team to a digital marketing team and a social media management team and much more.

Everything in-house made sure that the company’s foundation was solid and that even when some service was not seeing any work there were nine other services that helped with the burden.

Just like the above, there were a lot of places where Think To Share utilised innovation and talent to create new departments and upgrade older departments to make sure they were the best in the game.

This was not a coincidence that they made it out even after investing so much simply because they diversified their investment but kept their focus towards success and never lost track of web designing.

It was easy to lose track of the key purpose of web designing with so much going on but they didn’t.


The Think To Share that we are seeing today is simply because they always decided to keep web designing at the centre of their operations and utilised it as an anchor.

They are experts at web designing and they were wise not to throw away they are central business and central advantage in the crowd of diversifying their service portfolio.

We can find a lot of examples in history where companies have shifted from their core business into new territory but have completely forgotten to take care of the core business.

After something like this happens companies are usually unable to bounce back when they hit a failure and they lose both sides of the business the new and the old.

However, Think To Share always maintained that whatever improvements they were doing were keeping web designing at the heart of it.

CEO Parag says this when asked why “Web designing made us what we are today, it is only fair we continue making websites”.

We hope this blog has been helpful and educational for you and we have to bring you blogs like this where we talk about the latest and greatest of the IT world.

You can visit Think To Share IT solutions because we recommend a company like that for all your IT needs.

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