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Printing Plans. In our printing house we have the most outstanding services on plans, from plotting and design to reproduction and photocopies. At Langayo we develop the most outstanding services for plans in Madrid , we are more than a copy shop and we work together with our clients to develop the best prices. Here we talk a little about what we offer, how we do it and some reviews that have made us the best in printing plans in Spain.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that we have the necessary material to create a plan of the size and format you want, from small to large format of the best quality. Plotting is one of our specialties, if you need to print plans urgently we will do it for you, bring your plan, we will open it and adapt it to our printing so that you have the best results in a few minutes. We tell you everything you need to know about printing plans in general and not only what we offer in Langayo, with this we seek to boost your knowledge before choosing the best copy shop to print plans. Plotting is a delicate technique that requires good practice to execute it and obtain ideal results. Not all printers know and take care of 24 hour printing washington dc like we do, so we want to share some “tips” so that you can

PRINTING PLANS MADRID 📌AUTOCAD Industrial drawing 2022

PRINTING PLANS IN MADRID. Langayo, THE PERFECT OPTION TO PRINT in SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE FORMAT. In addition, our professionals know how to MODIFY the architectural plans. Talk to us…

Plan Printing

We seek to have a totally personalized attention to be able to make unique impressions and maintain the quality in each one of them. We have a high-level printer that makes the perfect plot; with a unique cleanliness and delicacy that characterizes us, when people see the products  They say: those are from Langayo!

Printing Plans Madrid

Within the community of Madrid , it is difficult to find “Plan Printing near me” that are very good, the plotter is a very important tool to achieve it. In addition to fully trained professionals to carry out the printing and plotting of the plans.

Where to print PLANS in Madrid? copy shop plans

You can come to our headquarters at C/ Tracia 38 28037 Madrid , there we will show you our previous work so you can see what we can achieve. But that yes, all our works are different and personalized, ensuring an incredible work with each client. Contact us for more information.

But now, surely you know or maybe not but what is plotting?

Printing Plans Online
If you know everything you want and need to have something soon, contact our team to make what you need. How to do it? It is very simple! There are a few steps that you must do to achieve it, here I explain it to you

Go to our contact page here or through all our means of communication what we have for you (they can be our social networks or our contact numbers)
Tell us what you need. With this we will respond immediately to proceed.
Send us your plan and tell us the type of material you want to finish your plan.
We will give you an estimated time and that’s it! You can stop by our headquarters or we will send you the plan to an address that you indicate.

Plans Plotting

It differs from typical printers in that it does not use toner. Rather, they use a pencil, pen, or another writing tool to make a drawing of several successive lines on the paper, instead of a sequence of aspects, as a classic printer does.

Plotting means printing. Plotting for architects and engineers, for the most part, is the action of printing on sheets of paper.

How does it work and how to print with a plotter?

To learn how to print with a plotter you must understand that you need to handle any vector graphics program to create the final object or the desired image that we want.

Steps to Plot

  1. Choose the vector graphic you want to print

    It can be a previous design or in conjunction with a professional to put together what you want to print.

  2. Enter the correct coordinates to choose the precise place where you want the graphic you are going to print to appear.
  3. Handle the Software Correctly


Are you an architect and need copies of your work? At Langayo we take care of making this work easier for you, so that you continually obtain impeccable results. Ask us any time you want and keep in touch with the news we bring to you: materials, formats and a wide range of magnitudes. We ensure highly competitive costs.

You will need copies to give to the owner and promoters, in order to get their assent.

  • For your basic projects: it reflects the general composition of a property, taking into account the distribution and functionalities of all its parts. It commonly comes with illustrations, models, a descriptive explanation, and an attached budget. This replica is essential for technical consultations and obtaining licenses from a specific municipality or official body.
  • For your execution projects: They are the documents that integrate technical studies on constructions, installations, etc. It is a joint work in which various technicians involved in the plan participate, with detailed drawings and quite technical language.

Tips for Printing Plans

  • The minimum resolution in raw file size is 200 to 300 dpi.
  • At least 3-5mm from the edge of the final format, apply a 2mm margin around the entire perimeter with important information.
  • We do not repair overprint settings.
  • We recommend using professional prepress programs such as: Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Quark Xpress, Corel Draw.

    Printing Price Plans

    We have the best prices (€) to print products of any format in Langayo. We have standardized a price, which is cheaper and better than the competition. However, the final billing depends on what our customers need, what does it depend on? Well, there are some that already comes with everything done: the design, format, and plan come in the required software, and they also know exactly the material to the plot that best suits their needs, for those we only charge printing and material. On the other hand, there are those who do not know how to configure their design and want to carry out a complete structuring in terms of design and plan creation, there the professionals advise you in extra ways. And finally, there are those who only need to change formats and decide on a material. For everyone, we have the best prices! The only thing that changes is whether or not we should change the design for the plotting.

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