Key Point to Hire the Home inspection services in Burnaby

Home Inspection Services in Burnaby

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or experienced in the business of buying a new home, getting a real estate agent is essential to include in the process to help you make the best decision for you and your family. On the other hand, if you are selling your home, a real estate appraiser can make the difference between a quick and easy transaction with a buyer or a long process filled with discussion. At Coastal Property Inspections, we want to help you be as informed as possible about these five key points to hiring a Home inspection services in Burnaby during your process.


When buying a new home, you want to be aware of any issues that could mean money out of your pocket. Unfortunately, you are not a home inspector, and many problems in the house are not visible to the untrained eye. A Home inspection services in Burnaby will come and see your entire home to determine what is in order. This will include checking foundations, walls, rooms, and dining spaces.

Home security

The security of your home is also essential to ensure that you do not move into a home that may not be safe or infect you and your family. Electrical issues are the most common cause of house fires and should be thoroughly checked for faulty electrical systems, old wiring, loose outlets, and improperly set circuit breakers.

Health problems can be avoided by identifying harmful substances such as mould, asbestos or lead-based paint. They will also check the performance of the HVAC and air conditioning system to ensure it is working correctly.

To save money

Perhaps the most critical factor in hiring a home inspector is the ability to save money on your purchase. While a home inspector may cost you a few hundred dollars upfront, your return on investment can be thousands of dollars in unplanned repairs.

Knowing the condition of your home before you buy can help you decide if the amount of repairs is worth your time and money and allow you to negotiate the cost of the repairs with the seller. This will enable you to buy your home with confidence or give you the option to cancel the transaction altogether.

Selling a home fast

Hiring a Home inspection services in Burnaby is a good idea for anyone selling their home. If you want to sell your home in a short and easy transaction, hire a real estate appraiser before putting it on the market. This will allow you to learn about problems such as mould, termites or even unknown septic problems giving you time to eliminate them before entering into a purchase agreement. Take advantage of the home warranty.

Even if you are buying a new home, hiring a home inspector is a wise decision. Most new homes include a warranty covering the cost of home repairs if done within the first year. A home inspector will come and inspect all repairs made and ensure they are done as specified before the warranty expires.

Tips when searching for a home

When hiring a home inspector, keep these tips in mind:

1. Go to the inspection: While most home inspections last about 3-4 hours, you should be able to go with the home inspector to learn more about what they see, discuss the area of ​​the home, and tell you.

Be wise, and you won’t get it.

2. Dress appropriately: Most home inspections are done outside, so ensure you dress for the weather and walk in grass, dirt, or even mud.

3. be prepared: Bring a notebook to write down any information you have to say or any questions you have. Also, bring a tape recorder which will be used almost constantly, along with a camera or phone to take pictures.

4. Talk to your real estate agent: Your real estate agent has been through this process many times and probably has experience in home inspections.

5. No home is perfect: Remember that no home is problem-free, so don’t worry if you get a 50-something report on a potential home. A home inspection is not a pass or fail for a home but rather for deciding on the essential things vital to you and the problems you are comfortable with.

 6. Unable to predict future problems: Although a home inspection is helpful, it is only done for what is discovered during the review, not for any issues that may arise.


Our goal at All Happy Home Inspection is to protect your financial interests through real estate research that can provide you with enough information to make an informed decision when purchasing a new home. If you are buying or selling a home, call us today to help make the process quick, smooth and intelligent.

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