Best Icebreaking and Virtual Fun Activities For Employees

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Virtual Networking has become the new norm in today’s industry. Since the pandemic, companies have found newer models of bringing back their workforce on a virtual platform. This has given rise to higher output for companies while keeping a healthy environment online to work upon. Apart from the work, the recreational activities have also been replicated and remodeled online to suit their purpose. Their main aim is to promote a healthy culture inside the organization wherein all the employees get a proper chance to introduce themselves. It provides a platform for interaction and recreational activities outside the given work culture that promotes an inclusive environment boosting employee morale and motivation to work. Companies can use a free online event hosting tool to organize these sorts of activities online and channel their employee’s energy in a recreational way. It is also a fun way to formally introduce everyone to their peers online using an event platform.

These recreational activities also open new platforms for engagement. Employees also get a short break from their work routine that helps to freshen up from the work. Some examples of these icebreaking and virtual fun activities for employees are –

1.     Guess Who: 

Guess Who is a fun activity that aims at making the employees learn more about each other. This is suitable for organizing in groups for people who had limited interaction with each other. Some prerequisite that this event requires is an open-ended survey wherein the employees are given room of thought for a light-hearted question. The questions can range from “What is the last Bollywood song you listened to?” to “What is your favorite movie?”. This helps collect the responses and provides a further base for the game to be built upon. During the meeting, the facilitators can share responses one by one while the employees guess whose response is it. Sometimes more than one employee can have the same response, but the answer can be grouped together. This is easy to organize virtually and helps the audience connect with each other. The event can be hosted using any event platform making it more accessible in terms of organizing. It formulates a base to engage and start a group discussion among employees. Apart from this, the game sets up a great virtual network online and connects people better than in their work environment.

2.     Two truths and a lie:

This game involves each participant sharing three generic statements about themselves which one is supposed to be a lie. Other participants in this game must guess and figure out the lie within the stipulated time. This is also a great way for introductions as it provides a forum, to begin with, and learn more about other. It also allows the employees to better understand their work environment via the interactions that arise from this activity.

3.     Share a photo: 

This primarily involves each employee sharing a photo attached with a story behind it. This gives an open platform where the audiences connect better with their peers. The nature of the photo may vary giving rise to various conversations that ultimately make the environment more friendly. Interacting is what differentiates this activity from others and the ease of hosting them online makes it the perfect choice to begin with.

4.     Quizzing: 

Quizzing is a great recreational activity that makes the environment competitive therefore boosting the engagement employees have with each other. It is easy to host online as different online event platforms have dedicated poll systems in place to ease this process. The type of questions may vary from general knowledge to Hollywood making it more intensive. It is a fun and convenient event that is both easy to organize and helps the employees connect and relate better with each other.

5.     Guessing Game:

In this game, every team member is anonymously requested to share a story about themselves that reflects their personality. During the break time or gaming session, the host narrates the story to everyone, and participants guess to whom this story belongs. This also helps the team learn more about each other by creating a friendly and inclusive environment online. Also, it acts as a fun engagement activity online that helps connect people better in a virtual environment.

6.     Scavenger hunt: 

In this game, the host asks the participants to search for common household items, such as broken cups or bottles, and show them in a video. This game is usually conducted in a live meeting, where the host usually tells the participants their tasks. Whoever finds the article first gets the points. The nature of this event is kept accessible as common household items are used as tasks. This also makes the event more interesting and provides a platform to engage upon.

7.     Talent Show:

The nature of this activity is very personalized. This activity provides an engaging platform online for employees where they can showcase their talents. Usually, the talent show helps to bring out a hidden talent that an individual might have that is not known to the masses. It makes the event livelier and more engaging because of its accessibility. Also, it makes the event highly personalized as the structure and activities depend upon the participants.


The culture of organizing recreational activities by companies has shown a tremendous effect on the workforce. It makes them both motivated and encourages them to interact with each other. This makes virtual networking accessible to all the employees within an organization. Also, the trends indicate that these activities reduce stress and make the environment of an organization healthier by promoting inclusiveness among it. Companies can now utilize the free online event hosting tool, like Mixhubb, to organize such events with ease and boost their employee morale. These events not only help the audiences connect better but also give them an environment where they can interact and build upon their relations with one another.

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