Comprehensive guide to resolve QuickBooks error 15271

QuickBooks error 15271

QuickBooks payroll is a reliable service offered by Intuit for managing employee data and sending payroll after automated tax deductions. The service must be regularly updated to sync with the government’s tax table. But sometimes, users face QuickBooks error 15271 while downloading the payroll updates, which stops the process. In case you also come across this error while updating payroll service in QuickBooks, you are in the right place to understand the reasons it develops and the actions you need to take to rectify it from your PC.

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Details of the error

QuickBooks payroll update might get hindered due to many factors on your PC. This error shows up during the payroll update and terminates the process when the software fails to validate a file in the update package. You can also face this error while installing the payroll updates after downloading them. The update process will instantly stop, and the software might even crash after displaying this error code on your screen. However, a good thing about the error is that it doesn’t harm your financial data in the software and can be resolved by configuring some settings on your system.

Possible triggers

We have compiled a list of conditions that act as a trigger for this error and stops the payroll update on your computer-

  • You have an expired payroll subscription in QuickBooks, or the software isn’t registered.
  • The Windows version on your system is obsolete and generates issues with the software due to incompatibility.
  • Windows firewall restricts the software’s internet connection, or the software fails to integrate with other applications while connecting to the internet.
  • A poor internet speed or a third-party web browser can introduce damage in the update package.
  • QuickBooks might fail to update the payroll if it is internally damaged due to its defective installation on your PC.

Methods to resolve

The following methods will help you rectify the QuickBooks error and update the payroll service without any issues-

Solution 1- Ensure your Payroll subscription is active and register your QuickBooks Desktop

An expired payroll subscription is a significant reason for the failure of payroll updates. You may have missed the renewal date, or if you have renewed it, then the renewal is still not validated by the Intuit servers. Under these conditions, you won’t be able to download the update or perform any task related to the payroll. You need to check your payroll subscription using the steps given below-

  1. Open QuickBooks and go to the Employees option at the top.
  2. Click My payroll service in the menu and tap the Account/Billing info option.
  3. Sign in to the CAMP page using your Admin credentials and make sure the service name is correct.
  4. Active should be marked in the Status beside your service name.
  5. If you see Cancelled, tap the Resubscribe option and follow the onscreen instructions to reactivate your service.

After it is clear that the payroll subscription is active, you need to activate your QuickBooks Desktop. Payroll errors might also emerge if the software isn’t activated. Refer to these steps-

  1. Press F2 in your QuickBooks and check if Activated is highlighted beside your license number.
  2. If you don’t see it, go to the Help menu and tap Activate QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Enter all the details asked by the software to verify you as an authorized user and close the menu after the software is activated.
  4. Retry downloading/installing payroll updates in your QuickBooks.

Jump to the next solution if the payroll update fails due to the error.

Solution 2- Upgrade your Windows to the latest released version

Compatibility issues play a major role in generating errors in your PC applications. QuickBooks can also develop this error during payroll updates if the software isn’t compatible with the obsolete Windows version you have on your system. You must always use the latest Windows version to run the software smoothly without any issues. Follow these steps-

  1. Single-click the Windows Start button and tap the Gear (Settings) icon.
  2. Click Update & Security in the control panel menu.
  3. Select the Check for updates option mentioned on the left side menu.
  4. Wait until you see a new version available for your Windows and click Download and Install.
  5. Let the Windows get updated and download the payroll updates again after the PC restarts.

You must apply the next solution if the payroll service fails to update.

Solution 3- Check if your network connection provides low speed and set the default browser

QuickBooks payroll update can get affected by Network connectivity issues on your computer. Low internet speed can cause the update file to get damaged due to data loss during the download. You must verify that the internet speed satisfies QB requirements or take the needed actions. Use these steps-

  1. Go to Google’s homepage on a web browser and type ‘Internet Speed test.’
  2. Run the test from the top link in the results and wait for it to complete.
  3. Check if your network connection’s internet speed is 3Mbps on average and 1.5Mbps minimum, as required by QuickBooks to run.

You need to upgrade to a wired connection if the QB requirements aren’t met. If your network connection delivers adequate speed, you must set the default browser in your Windows to ensure the connectivity issues aren’t raised due to incompatible browsers. Use these steps-

  1. Open your control panel and click the Apps option.
  2. Select Default Apps in the next window and click Web Browser.
  3. Choose from Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge and save it as the default browser for your Windows.
  4. Close the window and try updating the payroll service again.

If the error still emerges, try the following method.

Solution 4- Repair the software and run it in Administrator mode

QuickBooks might face issues due to internal glitches or when its background processes get interrupted by other applications. Use the steps given below to rectify these issues-

  1. Launch the QB tool hub and go to the Program Problems menu at the top.
  2. Click Quick fix my program and wait until the tool finishes repairing the software.
  3. Right-click on the QuickBooks launch icon and select Run as Administrator.
  4. Download the payroll update after the software opens in Admin mode.

The payroll service update will not cause any problems after applying the methods discussed above.

Winding Up!

You read about the circumstances to be blamed for QuickBooks error 15271 terminating the payroll process. Some easy and practical methods to counter the issue are also described in detail, which we hope you use to make your QuickBooks flawless again.

Contact a team of QB experts at 1.855.738.2784 if you face any issues while applying the solutions.

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