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Dental Benefits

Dental Care is an absolute necessity for a healthy lifestyle. But, there are some people who underestimate the importance of proper dental hygiene. What they are unaware of is that dental care is paramount to maintaining a healthy set of teeth, and most importantly, a healthy smile. There is a myriad of dental problems that comes up with poor dental hygiene such as tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. Statistics show that in Australia, dental cavities, especially among children, are the most prevalent health concern out there.

There are a vast majority of people, especially from low-income earning families, who have long complained that the cost of dental services is so exorbitant, that it almost compels them to shell out a fortune. Therefore, in the bid to make dental services affordable for each and every family out there, the Australian Government initiated a program funded under Medicare popularly known as the Child Dental Benefits Schedule(CDBS), that can be availed of in any Dental Clinic near me. Here, we will be taking a detailed look at the nitty-gritty of Medicare Child Dental Benefits, and what them gain a lot of traction. So, let’s start.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule(CDBS)- What is it?

CDBS is a new dental program that is launched by the Australian Government and came into effect on 1st January 2014. The Medicare Teen Dental Plan was replaced by this program. CDBS offers eligible children who are between the age of 2 and 17 up to $ 1000 of Medicare Child Dental Benefits that is capped over two consecutive calendar years. Under this enticing scheme, all eligible children are entitled to receive a broad range of dental services from any good Dental Clinic near me, which encompasses X-rays, checkups, dental scaling, and cleanings.

Who is eligible for this program?

Each and every eligible child is assessed by the Department of Human Services from the beginning of every calendar year. A child becomes eligible for receiving Medicare Child Dental Benefits if he/she is between the age of 2-17 years at any point in the calendar year. Relevant Government Funding such as Family Tax benefits must also be received by the child’s family. Once a child is found eligible, a notification is sent to the parent or guardian either electronically or through a letter. Routine check-ups are also carried out by the Department of Human Services all throughout the year to make sure if any other new children are eligible.

Will you be expected to meet any out-of-pocket costs?

So long as the dentist in a Dental Clinic near me offers bulk billing services, there is no need to maintain any dental cost covered by CDBS.  All you need to do is to present your Medicare card, and the rest will be taken care of by the dentist. In case the dentist does not offer bulk billing services, then you will be required to pay for the full dental services, and then file for a refund from Medicare. In order to file for a refund, a receipt will be required where your name, the dental services you received from the dentist, the cost associated with every service, and the dentist’s name and date must be clearly mentioned. But, if you want to avoid all that, always look for a Dental Clinic near me, that offers Medicare bulk-billing services, as in this way you can avail of the Medicare Child Dental Benefits directly.

Bulk Billing Services- What is it?

Bulk Billing Services are where a Medicare Dentist in a reputed Dental Clinic near me offers dental treatments under Medicare Child Dental Benefits to the patient and then files for a claim on behalf of the patient. What that means is that the patient will not have to spend any out-of-pocket cost so long as the service is covered under Medicare CDBS. But here you should note that not all dentist accepts to offer bulk-billing services.

Final Take:

Always be on the lookout for Dental Clinic near me, that offers Dental services to their patients under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Look for a dentist who offers bulk billing services to their patients so that you don’t have to go through the hustle of filing for a rebate.

Visit a reputed Dental Clinic near me today and get a chance to enjoy Medicare Child Dental Benefits and also receive quality dental services from well-qualified and experienced dentists. Medicare is the only name when it comes to health, security, treatment, protection, and insurance. Enroll under this scheme and enjoy a stress-free life so far as your child’s dental protection is concerned.

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