4-Piece Ladies Shoulder Bag! Baguette à Quatre Pieces

4-piece ladies Shoulder bag

4-piece ladies handbag description

Women 4-pieces Bag Set Top Handle Large Handbag/ Shoulder bag + Cross Body Bag + Hand Pouch + Card Diary Satchel Hobo PU Leather Handbag Set Large Handbag/Shoulder bag + Cross Body Bag + Hand Pouch + Card Diary Satchel Hobo

You have the choice to make use of each of the four purses individually in a variety of different ways. Or you have the option to make use of all of the purses simultaneously.

The design of the backpack, which features a double zipper, not only gives it a sense of style but also makes it easy to transport your belongings.

You have a beautiful and understated set of four shoulder bags there, which I really admire. You should design it so that the shoulder strap can be detached easily so that you can switch between using it as a shoulder bag and a fashion bag.

The High-Quality Fabric that it is Made of gives it the characteristics of being Waterproof, Breathable, and Durable.

This bag has plenty of space for all of your day-to-day necessities, such as your phone, notebook, umbrella that folds up, tablet, card or wallet, pen, glasses, and keys, among many other things.

Significant Capacity

Your iPad, wallet, make-up, phone, little water bottle, perfumes, and gloves, along with all of your other belongings and items that you use on a daily basis, are all able to fit in the purse set, and it will keep all of those items organized for you. Additionally, the purse set comes with a matching wristlet that can hold all of these items.


The exterior of the bag is made out of PU Leather, which is also known as synthetic leather. This type of leather does not easily crack or wear out, so it was chosen for the bag’s construction.

A ladies handbag is different type of bag or case that can be used either by hand or on the shoulder. Such bags are normally sale to women, which are using these bags to sustain their cosmetics, Jewelry, money, and personal belongings. Handbags and purses may be produce from a large range of materials, including leather, denim, and vinyl.  Whatever bags have been made from this material these are very beautiful and the quality of bags has impressive.

Each of these bags has a polyester lining on the inside, which serves to prevent the contents from becoming damaged in any way.

When it comes to cleaning, all you need is a damp cloth.


The zipper on the large tote bag as well as the multiple slot pockets that are included will make it simple for you to get to the items that you need to access quickly and easily.

The straps of the cross-body bag can be adjusted, and the bag itself zips closed and is secured with a magnetic snap.

the perfect dimensions for your phone, cards, keys, and other essentials like your makeup and cosmetics, among other things.

Suitable for going to work, school, shopping, going out, going to parties, travelling, and other everyday activities.

Warning: To avoid the PU leather from becoming discolored, please do not store it in places where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

To keep up with the fast-paced working practices of today and still look stylish and put together at the same time, a four-piece suit is an essential necessity. Therefore, it is prudent to purchase at least one complete set.

Purse Bazar

Under the brand name “Delicacy,” Purse Bazar carries an extensive selection of ladies shoulder bag or handbag that come in four-piece sets. These Delicacy ladies handbags are a thing of beauty because each component has been meticulously planned, designed, and crafted with your entire collection of belongings in mind. Because the colors in the Delicacy line are so vibrant and up to date, one can wear them with any of the fashionable colors that you have in your dress collection. I can promise you that the Delicacy line is the one that will have you smitten at first sight. And why on earth not? When you will have the opportunity to feel a velvety texture, a color that is like a dream, a trim made of sleek PU leather, and colors that will make your heart race.

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