Current trends in early childhood education

Early childhood education plays an important role in your child’s overall educational journey. With the help of emerging trends and technologies, various challenges and issues faced in early childhood education are considered. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends can help you understand and adapt to what’s new in the education sector.

Early childhood education programs are responsible for preparing children for their educational journey starting from kindergarten to class 12. It helps in developing the necessary skills required for utilising learning opportunities. Although, the educational requirements for students are changing every day and as a parent, you want to know that your kid is provided with the best start to his/her school life. By staying on top of these below-mentioned current trends in early childhood education, you will get to know what type of learning methods schools are using and what might be best for your kid.

  • Increased recognition of early childhood education

Early childhood education establishes early literacy concepts that help children prepare for reading, writing and numeracy skills. By introducing them to letters, numbers, sounds, simple words and stories, teachers can help kids build their numeracy and literacy skills. As the teacher dictates stories, children can engage in the incidents of the story through interactive dialogues. Such activities help develop your kid’s listening and speaking skills and help them get familiar with the concepts.

Studies reflect that vocabulary differences are notable at an early age and that 75 per cent of children having preschool education score higher on IQ and achievement tests, as compared to children who didn’t go to preschool. This resulted in an increase in funding for early childhood education programs with parents becoming more willing to invest in childcare as they have noticed the difference it makes.

  • Steady growth in early childhood education

In recent years, parents are becoming more conscious and aware of the positive impacts early education has on their children. This trust has led to an increment in the enrolment of children in preschools. It also resulted in more steady employment opportunities for preschool teachers: a trend that will continue.

  • Increased focus on physical fitness

Childhood obesity among young children is one of the major things to worry about. A lot of efforts have been made to help fight it and have now reached the preschool environment. As a result, a lot of focus is provided to learning methods in preschools through movement and play. By engaging students in these outdoor extra-curricular activities, kids can get a healthy start by participating in lifetime sports such as running, dancing, swimming and even martial arts.

The inclusion of movement and play in the learning process of early childhood education incorporates many other advantages. Children are able to explore, create and grasp information in a playful and fun way. This also increases their well-being and builds healthy habits for the future. Increased focus on physical fitness in learning boosts physical and cognitive development among kids along with their learning potential.

  • Integration of technology in learning

Living in this digital era, it is no surprise that technology has found its way into preschool and early childhood education programs. Learners can expect to have basic technical skills such as knowing how to use the internet to acquire information. A common academic issue faced by preschools is integrating technology and play-based learning into the curriculum effectively. The challenge can be solved by using iPads and other touch devices through which children can engage in learning in a better way.

  • Increased demand for highly qualified teachers

With the heaving popularity of early childhood education and its critical role in a child’s development, the demand for teachers with higher qualifications is increasing among childcare centres. Applicants are in high demand having bachelor’s degrees in early childhood education. An associate degree might provide an access to entry-level opportunities, whereas an advanced degree attracts higher compensation. This can make the difference between whether an applicant gets a job offer or rejected. This increased demand for qualified teachers guarantees parents that preschools acknowledge the importance of early childhood education to provide the most excellent start for kids. 

Wrapping Up

Early childhood education helps to build a firm foundation for your kid’s education. While they grow, it’s important to know the different learning methods and approaches that are being used. This way, you can make the best choices and decisions for your kid’s learning. Kumon is among the best early childhood education programs in India that unlock the true potential among children. So they can achieve more in their academic growth. We have also introduced the Kumon Franchise where you get to run your own business by using our proven business model developed over the past 50 years. To know more about the Kumon Method of learning or the Franchise model, visit our website.

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