What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

The evolution of big data and advanced analytics solutions has allowed marketing teams to get a clearer picture of their target audiences than ever before; and in this focus of progress is artificial intelligence marketing (AI Marketing). . 

What is AI Marketing? 

Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AI Marketing) is a method of leveraging customer data and artificial intelligence concepts (such as machine learning) to anticipate your customers’ future actions and improve their journey. 

Armed with big data insights, digital marketing teams can dramatically improve the performance and ROI of their campaigns, all without extra effort on the part of the marketer. While this definition gives an overview of AI marketing at the most basic level, there is obviously a lot more to it. We will cover all the details in the content that follows.

 AI Marketing enables marketing teams.

Artificial intelligence is very impactful for digital marketig. In fact, 76% of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. AI Marketing enables marketing teams to process massive amounts of marketing data from social media, email, and the web in relatively faster time. This is why AI Marketing is a necessity for all businesses.


Artificial intelligence makes your marketing automation smarter. It allows you to translate data into decisions, meaningful interactions and have a positive impact on the results of your business. It’s all about data, but what matters most is quickly and accurately transforming data into actionable insights. In other words, the speed with which marketing tasks are executed and implemented is an essential element that AI Marketing can bring to your business. 

Businesses can also use artificial intelligence in email marketing automation to increase customer engagement and email open rates while saving money.

Marketing AI can also generate and optimise content in multiple email formats that are user-friendly and relevant to recipients  .

Additionally, marketing AI can be used in social media automation ; just like with email marketing, companies use it to increase customer engagement and optimise content. 

Minimization of errors

Human beings are naturally prone to make mistakes. AI and Human Error – a widely debated topic that has sparked debate over whether AI can be a cure for human error? Unquestionably, artificial intelligence is important in eliminating the likelihood of human error. There is evidence that AI can help solve human errors, especially in the most concerning aspect: data security.

Common data security issues cause many businesses to worry about their employees’ lack of ability to safeguard customer data and other business-critical data. 

The increase in cyber-attacks is the risk that every e-commerce business must weigh. Fortunately, AI can help solve these problems by learning, adapting, and reacting to the cybersecurity a business needs.

Cost reduction

Marketing AI can help you reduce or eliminate the many resources that are typically used to create and employ a marketing strategy. With AI, you can achieve significant cost reduction by working faster and more efficiently, increasing your revenue. When your business spends too much money and hours doing things, marketing AI can help you accomplish repetitive and mundane tasks. It shortens the time these tasks are initially performed by your staff while reducing errors to zero. 

Costs associated with hiring employees can be reduced significantly while taking advantage of available talent to perform more critical tasks.

Thanks to AI Marketing , you can also work more efficiently

For example, a content manager can use AI to perform thousands of text and creative variations for A/B testing and automatically create email subject lines, speeding up the process and getting results even better than those of humans. 

Increased return on investment

AI helps marketing teams better understand customers and improve their experience. Indeed, marketing AI enables marketing teams to create predictive customer analysis and design a more targeted and personalised customer journey, which effectively increases the ROI of each customer contact. 

Thanks to AI, marketing teams can better understand customers, know how to group them and direct them to the next step to give them the best possible customer experience. 

By thoroughly analysing customer information and understanding what they really want, marketing teams can maximise ROI without wasting budgets on efforts that don’t produce results. 

Increased customization

We’ve heard a lot about personalised shopping in the digital world. This is what customers are increasingly looking for when it comes to shopping online. So what’s the secret to better personalization that e-commerce businesses can use to win the hearts of customers? Artificial intelligence will make your marketing more personalised in different ways. Many companies are already using AI to personalise their websites, emails, social media posts, videos, and other content to better meet customer expectations.

Smarter, faster decision making

Marketing AI helps process data much faster than human intervention, ensures accuracy, security, and frees your team to focus on strategic initiatives to deliver effective AI-powered campaigns. For example, e-commerce companies get more positive results by making push notifications mobile-friendly.

When designed well, push notifications delivered via mobile attract more customer attention as they create a sense of personalization. Indeed, each customer will receive their own personalised push notifications with messages adapted according to what they have seen or what they want to hear from a brand. 

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