Top 5 EHR/EMR Software 2023: The Latest Buyer’s Guide

Over the last few decades, there has been a huge shift in healthcare practices with the rise of EHR/EMR software. EHR/EMR solutions help doctors, patients, and clinical administrations to carry out their practices and manage their tasks.

EHR/EMR offers a variety of tools, such as:

  • Connecting practitioners with their patients
  • Enhancing the patient-doctor engagement
  • Providing report-generating tools
  • Integrations with labs and pharmacies
  • Patient portals
  • Electronic health/medical records
  • E-prescription
  • Online appointments
  • Interoperability
  • Digitize notes

Along with dozens of other tools that ease the process of payment, recordkeeping and database system, and all-in-all a doctors’ professional community building.

You might be bewildered by some questions about whether or not you need an EMR/EHR system, what things you should be careful of when buying an EMR/EHR system, and which system is optimal for you.

To address these questions: we will give you a comprehensive guide of crucial keynotes for buying an EMR/EHR system, as well as a list of the top 5 EHR/EMR software 2023. The list includes the following five market-leading EHR/EMR solutions:

  1. Allscripts EMR
  2. Aprima EMR
  3. Amazing Charts EMR
  4. AestheticsPro Online EMR
  5. OncoEMR

Let’s first get into the details of these five picks of the Top 5 EHR/EMR systems for 2023.

Towards the end, you will get a brief overview of the buyer’s guide to help you know what things you must factor in for choosing an EMR/EHR system.

Allscripts EMR:

For the last thirty years, since Allscripts EMR has been in the market, it is estimated to help 160 million users in different countries, such as Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, etc., with its user-centric and upgraded tools. Allscripts is better known for its perpetual updates that make the system significantly optimal for making the user experience as best and smooth as it can.

Allscripts EMR, along with its health records capabilities, serves its users with its digitized prescription renewal, telemedicine services, billing, scheduling, and customized ability. Therefore, users can personalize the system as they seem to like it.

Lastly, Allscripts is ONC-authorized and has recognition from several authorities as a safe and secure system. Allscripts prices can be acquired by reaching FindEMR.

Aprima EMR:

Aprima EMR comes in cloud-based services and a mobile app. With its specialty of 70+ healthcare practices, Aprima also provides its users with a patient portal, billing, scheduling, revenue cycle management, integrations, and much more. Many Aprima EMR reviews define the system as highly robust in its speed and user-friendly for its design of mobile and hosting alike.

Along with its Meaningful Use Stage 3 compliance, Aprima EMR is also known for its quick and timely customer support. There are a lot more tools and benefits you can put your hands on, for which we suggest you watch the Aprima EMR demo. You can get the Aprima EMR demo and prices from FindEMR  as Aprima pricings are also not public. But it is hinted that its packages are customized as per your users’ convenience.

Amazing Charts EMR:

It is simple to access many aspects of a patient’s medical history using Amazing Charts EMR, including testing results, scheduling consultations, healthcare session notes, and billing data. Healthcare facilities use Amazing Charts EMR Software because of its simple user interface and limited customizable choices, as many Amazing Charts reviews mention.

Amazing Charts EMR is well-known for its specialized, once-paid, premium customer services. Additionally, this system has received recognition from numerous authorities for its reputation for security and privacy services.

Amazing charts EMR pricing is public and begins at $199 per user per month. Furthermore, you can contact FindEMR to learn more about pricing packages or request a demo of Amazing Charts.

AestheticsPro Online EMR:

AesthteicsPro Online EMR is HIPAA compliant and offers a different tool like other systems, but many things make it a distinguished system. AestheticsPro EMR, with its scheduling, charting, and documentation, provides its services to not only doctors and patients but also admins. Clinical management can benefit from its management tools and services to lay off tedious, repetitive tasks by using automating tools of AestheticsPro Online EMR.

AestheticsPro Online EMR also comes with digital prescriptions, lab integrations, online health records, and friendly customizations. As many other tools are available, we suggest you watch its demo before making any final call.

Also, AestheticsPro Online EMR pricing is publicly available in three pricing tiers: Solo plan, Enterprise plan, and Enterprise Plus, which cost $125, $185, and $245 each month, respectively. You can find more details of its packages by reaching out to FindEMR.


OncoEMR is compatible with other EHR/EMR software, allowing you to conveniently engage with the medical community and discuss patient healthcare or cases with other medical experts. OncoEMR has received certification from the ONC-ATCB as a secure facility for your patients’ data. It also provides a wealth of sophisticated analytics and reports for monitoring the state of your company.

The services offered by OncoEMR are focused on cancer therapy. The system is generally easy to use and a major priority for oncologists. Onco EMR cost information is also not currently available. You can ask vendors for price information or to get a demo of Onco EMR.

What/Why/Which EHR/EMR Queries:

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Physician Survey of 2014, 75% of physicians voted that they use EMR/EHR software for their daily healthcare practices.

If you have any skeptical views about what system you should buy or which EMR/EHR system is the best choice, there are expert consultants available in the markets, such as FindEMR, to give the right and solid advice.

Though we are noting down a few things for choosing an EHR/EMR system:

Needs and Requirements:

Each EHR/EMR system has some distinct specialty over other systems, making them unique for a particular medical niche and their needs and requirements. Therefore, make a well-described list of your healthcare requirements. It will narrow down the choices and will let you know fewer options that fall under medical/clinical practices.


Budget is a crucial factor to consider when making your choice. Obviously, you would never like to spend all your expenses to buy an EHR/EMR system that is out of your cost reach. So, give a cohesive idea of how much money you want to invest. It will lead you to pick the optimal choices that are budget-friendly for you.

Customer Support and Implementation:

These two salient factors are related to the vendors. As a few doctors opine that implementation and training frighten them, they assume it will take time, or they will need to learn how to make them acquainted with a system. So different vendors provide implementation services as well as staff training, which is free in some cases and paid occasionally.

Customer support is also an important point to always pay attention to. Your staff might initially struggle with a system; in this case, customer support will help you answer all of your queries or solve any problem you encounter with a system. Pick a system that comes with good customer support services.

Final Words:

Making a timely decision to accommodate yourself with an EMR/EHR system is a wise step. You might struggle with an initial learning curve of an EMR/EHR system, but its services and capabilities are way ahead for helping your healthcare practices.

All the systems in our top five EHR/EMR are the best in their services and have earned their users’ trust, who employ these systems daily. We hope the final decision you make turns out to be a suitable choice for you. However, never shy away from seeking any expert consultancy from professionals, such as FindEMR.





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