Teeth Whitening Treatment – It’s Never too Late for a Brighter Smile

Teeth Whitening Treatment for Brighter Smile

Whatever might be your age, you always want to look and feel the best. This is a great way to improve your appearance and self-esteem. Teeth whitening treatment is a suitable solution to get rid of stained and discoloured teeth for making them brighter and whiter. It’s never too late for having those pearly white teeth. Go through this blog post to know more details.

Reasons a bright smile is important

  • Your bright and beautiful smile may change the life of a person.
  • Starting from moving ahead in your career to starting a new relationship, every aspect of life may help to improve when you have better confidence with warm smile.
  • Confidence might be the most important quality a person can have.

Regretfully, it is not a set of rules to follow or something you may purchase.

  • It is just a state of mind
  • A place of well-being
  • An acceptance of yourself as well as your abilities

Even though you have all the things, they can be disrupted by bad smile.

Why your teeth change colour

Just like everyone has different skin tones, everyone also has different colour of teeth which usually changes in due course.

The teeth are slightly yellow which comes from dentine below the enamel. Due to age, the tooth enamel becomes thin which shows more colour below it.

There are some external factors too that changes your teeth colour. This can happen die to drinking tea, coffee and smoking though everyone’s teeth colour changes unless they undergo teeth whitening treatment.

Different teeth whitening procedures

Professional Teeth Whitening

The most common whitening type is dental office whitening which ensures to deliver most visible results. This whitening treatment is suitable for the ones who have deep discolorations and intrinsic stains. While intrinsic stains are which penetrate within the teeth enamel and cannot be removed till higher percentage of bleach is being used, this type also has greater concentration of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide used. The range of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in the dental office whitening can be somewhere between 15% and 40%. Even though it is the strongest treatment available, it is also safest and done by a professional once or twice a year.

At-Home Whitening Kits

When you cannot go to your dentist, choosing at-home whitening kits is a good choice. These whitening kits will enable you to have whiter and brighter teeth at your home’s comfort. They provide additional benefits of being given by the professionals for the best possible result.

How to keep your teeth whiter after the treatment

If you have decided to perform teeth whitening treatment, there are several factors to consider which cause teeth to change the colour from outside. This may include – tartar, smoking and plaque but the main reason may be food stains.

Obviously, all types of foods are not bad for your teeth when you brush properly daily. However, certain foods need to be avoided if you want your whiter teeth to last for a longer time.

Though berries include antioxidants and Vitamins, they are extremely bad for your teeth stains.

Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and cranberries all have concentrated natural colouring which attaches itself to the teeth enamel. Though you do not have to avoid taking these healthy berries, make sure you brush teeth soon after you are done with eating.

Both tea and coffee have tannins in them which is a compound that bonds together with the protein in the tooth enamel.

This may cause them to stick to the teeth longer and is more likely to get unwanted stains.

The same is available for your red and white wine, but it is tea which contains more tannins than red wine and coffee. So, it is extremely bad for your teeth staining.

It is actually never very late for your brighter and healthy smile

This is a psychological effect that affects your behaviour as the more you smile, the happier you will be.

Having bright smile brings with it a new lease of life and boost confidence level.

It is unbelievable how small investments can give you huge rewards.

If you want to know more about this procedure, click here to book your appointment about our teeth whitening treatment options. The dentist will answer all your queries so that you can undergo the treatment successfully.

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