TABLE LAMPS: Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing

Table Lamps

Have you ever spent hours at your table using only the overhead fluorescent light? Yet, only to find that your eyes itch and become irritated without using the best table lamps. However, your eyes also have a slight burning sensation and are more sensitive to light. Therefore, your eyes start to feel tired, and you begin to get a slight headache.

Almost everyone responds to this circumstance in the same way.  Furthermore, you make a poor attempt to relieve this discomfort by rubbing your hands against your eyes. You then start to rub the back of your head, where a mildly bothersome headache appears. We jumped in to find a solution for this annoying fact that working at a table in dim light causes extreme eye discomfort.

For that, we found that there is only one way to solve this issue. Simply by putting a suitable table lamp in your workspace or study. Table lamps illuminate your workspace to lessen eye strain and its associated symptoms. Not to mention how a suitable table lamp can improve productivity and mood.

Things to notice for table lamps

well, we came up with a comprehensive table lamp buying guide that we have divided into several factors to consider.

Table lamps size

Well, the size of table lamps can vary greatly. They can range from small, decorative lamps to larger, more functional lamps that can provide ample light for reading or task lighting. The lamp base’s height and the shade’s diameter typically measure the size of a table lamp. Standard dimensions for table lamps include:

  • Small: 12-14 inches in elevation, with a shade diameter of 8-10 inches
  • Medium: 16-20 inches in size, with a shade diameter of 10-14 inches
  • Large: 22 inches or taller, with 14 inches or larger shade diameter.

Yet, it’s important to note that these are just general guidelines, and the size of the table lamp can vary depending on the design, style, and intended use.


Table lamps come in various designs, styles, and materials. Some popular methods include:

  • Traditional: These lamps often feature classic shapes and ornate details, such as brass or gold finishes, crystal accents, and white or cream-colored shades.
  • Contemporary table lamps have a modern and minimalist aesthetic, featuring clean lines, geometric shapes, and neutral colors. Moreover, they often use materials like metal, glass, and chrome.
  • Rustic table lamps have a natural and organic aesthetic, featuring materials like wood, stone, and burlap. However, they often have a rough-hewn, natural feel and may feature earthy colors.
  • Industrial table lamps have a raw and edgy aesthetic, featuring materials like metal, concrete, and exposed bulbs. They often have a vintage or steampunk look and may feature dark or muted colors.
  • Tiffany: These lamps feature colorful glass shades, often made of small pieces of glass in various shapes and colors soldered together to create a design. They usually feature a base made of metal in a decorative design.
  • Art Deco: These lamps feature bold geometric shapes and patterns, often black, silver, or gold.

These are just a few examples of the many types of table lamp designs available for your homes. The method of a table lamp is ultimately a matter of personal taste and should match the room’s overall decor.

Table lamps power

Table lamps can be powered in a few different ways. Some standard options include:

  • Electric lamps are powered by plugging them into an electrical outlet. They can come in various wattages and can be used with incandescent, LED, or compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • Battery-operated lamps use batteries as a power source. They can be convenient for areas with no electrical outlet, but the batteries need to be replaced periodically.
  • Solar-powered lamps are powered by sunlight. Yet, they typically have a small solar panel that collects sunlight during the day and stores it in a battery. 
  • USB-powered lamps can be powered through the USB port, often found on computers and other devices. However, these table lamps are great for travelers, students, and people who prefer light while working on their laptops or tablets.

Warranty of table lamps

Furthermore, the warranty of a table lamp can vary depending on the manufacturer, the type of lamp, and the materials used to make it. Some common types of contracts offered on table lamps include:

  • Manufacturer’s warranty:  It typically covers defects in materials and artistry for a specified period. Well, the length of the contract can vary, but it is usually between one and five years.
  • Limited warranty: Indeed, this warranty covers only specific lamp parts, such as the electrical or finish components. The warranty can vary but is usually shorter than a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Return policy: This policy allows customers to return a defective lamp for a refund or replacement within a certain period, usually 30 days. 

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