Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Free Shopping)

sadow fight 2 special edition

The popular fighting game Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition (MOD, Unlimited Money) from the NEKKI studio has a new plot and is a premium version. You will play the role of Sensei in this game, and you will team up with Titan to battle foes and purge the land of the Shadows. Visit new places that have an eastern vibe. Fans of the old section will enjoy a lot of the new material.

Features :

No Ads!

When you first begin to play this game, there are no advertisement shows. There are no restrictions on ads. Many games that you must play first require you to watch a lot of advertisements, but this game has less adverts and allows for more engaging gameplay.  

No energy restoration. 

This app can not store energy. Anytime and anywhere you wish, you are free to enter the conflict. The energy needed for jumping and playing doesn’t need to be stored. You can play a lot of games without stopping to let your energy level replenish. Playing games will allow you to acquire new skills. In matches, you can pick up skills and execute combos. Playing this game won’t make you bored because it’s so engaging.

weapons : 

Different kind of weapons available in this game for users, you can unlock these weapons by playing and attacking matches. You can increase your power by getting different and useful weapons and becoming stronger. So many unique weapons are available without spending any money. You just need to play well. 

Game world:

Games have seven different types of worlds. Every stage has more and more adventures in it. As you move on to the next stage the new and incredible adventures you face. Every world is full of adventure and deadly bosses.  When you go to the next level, forces are to terrify you and try to stop you from reaching your destination.

Get germs:

By playing this game you can get a lot of gems, money and can increase your playing skill and arsenal more


Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition’s capabilities

If you enjoy playing fighting video games, Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition is the game for you.

Battle Against Shadows – There is a tonne of games out there right now that let you battle to the best of your abilities while having a good time. There are so many fun combat games that will challenge your strength and endurance as you perform combos. Shadow Fight is one of the most thrilling fighting franchises. One of the most exhilarating fighting games is called Shadow Fight.

Fight to the Death:

Fight to the Death: Among many different game genres, action games have long been a favorite. Every year since we like them, a tonne of fighting games enter the scene. You can download a tonne of entertaining fighting games right now, including the Shadow Fight series.

You’ll have fun playing Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition where the plot includes encounters with thrilling and strong opponents. Make use of the numerous combos and weaponry available to you right now!


You can take pleasure in a brand-new story chapter in Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition, which is filled with intriguing characters and plot twists. Lethal tools including shuriken, knuckles, sai, steel batons, knives, ninja swords, steel nunchaku, swords, and many others are available for you to use.

Due to the fact that you can also modify your armor, you will be able to battle tough opponents here. Enjoy a special fighting game where you can only use shadows to fight.

Faqs :

Is an internet connection required for this game?

Yes, an internet connection is very important to play this game because all data servers are available online, which is why you need the internet for playing this game. 

Is this game hard to play or not? 

It depends on the player if you have the best skill in this game it can be easy for you to play. If you are not an expert in playing, it can get difficult to play. 

Is this game free of cost or not?

Yes, this game is totally free. You don’t need to spend any money to play this game. All features are available without cost. Just play with expert skills, that’s all. If you are not an expert player, you can spend money and purchase the items you desire.


The second installment of the renowned fighting game series, Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition, has been enhanced, redesigned, and spared from a number of unpleasant elements. They have been prepared to develop evenly without the need for a taxing grind, there is already an impressive supply of resources at the start that will give an excellent boost to pumping.

They will also be able to enjoy additional content that reveals various facets of the game universe. Gamers no longer have to wait to replenish energy to rush into battle. Fans of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK will be overjoyed with this version of their preferred amusement and will play it all through once more.

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