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progynova 2mg

Now female sex hormones are not available in the market in huge amounts. But, Progynova is one of the effective sex hormone medicines that most gynecologists prescribe. Containing Estrogen tablet are also used in hormone replacement therapy or HRT. Beyond the female sexual problem, Progynova is prescribed to prevent different types of issues, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. Menopause is a stage when estrogen levels will be reduced, which may create various side effects, including feeling of warmth in the face, hot flushes, discomfort in the neck and chest, sudden irritation, etc. it is really one of the most efficient medications that assist you in getting rid of these symptoms quickly as well as efficiently. 

The standard dose of the Progynova 2mg 

But you should remember the case history of all patients is not the same. Mainly, dosages are determined based on disease, body weight, age, medical history, route of administration. Besides these, the doses are also determined according to the severity of the problem. 

If you have early menopausal symptoms, the doctor usually recommends the lowest dose to you, such as Progynova 1 mg. once you fill, you have a severe effect. Then your doctor increases it, such as Progynova 2 mg. 

You need to take the Progynova at least 12 – 14 days per month or on day 28 of the cycle of your menstrual cycle with an intact uterus. If the doctor cannot diagnose your endometriosis previously, they should not prescribe the progestogen for hysterectomized women.

How to start Progynova 2 mg

With an intact uterus and menses, you can start the combination of Progynova 2mg and a progestogen from the first day of bleeding to get the best results. The doctors determine if you have low menstruation or you have amenorrhea, and then the medicine can be prescribed by them. 

If any Woman want to transition from cyclic or continuous HRT regimens, then the doctor recommend finishing the cycle. Then She can switch to Progynovawithout breaking the course of therapy.

Missed or lost tablets

If a woman forgets to take any dose of the medicine, she needs to retake it within 12 hours after remembering. However, you should skip the dose if it is over 12 hours. After that, the next dose should be taken right time. The missed dose regular basis can make the symptom worsens. 

Side effects of Progynova Tablet

The side effects from the medication are normal, and they should disappear after your body adjusts to the drug. However, if you feel the side effect becomes severe, you need to inform your physician immediately. Only they can give you the right way to recover from these severe side effects. 

Common side effects of Progynova

· Headache

· Nausea

· Breast pain

· Abdominal cramp

· Bloating

· Vaginal spotting

· Vomiting

The purpose of taking the Progynova 2mg

Progynova 2mg is a highly effective drug for Hormone placement therapy or HRT. According to the studies, it is the most effective medicine to prevent the different types of symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, vagina dryness, and decreasing sex interest. If the Estrogen level becomes low in the body, the medicine can be prescribed.

You need to take medicine very carefully daily basis. You have to take it with food or a thick beverage, don’t use it on an empty stomach, and try to take it same time daily. The medicine loses its efficacy if you chew, break or crush it.

Precaution taking the medication

  • Alcohol: Still, it is not established with enough proof that the medicine reacts with Progynova or notSoduring medicine, you must inform your physician if you want to take alcohol. 
  • Pregnancy: Though there are limited studies on humans, Progynova is not secure in pregnancy. But, medicine is not safe during pregnancy. When developing a baby in your womb, it can react. Try to avoid the drug during this period. You need to consult your doctor; he can explain the potential risks of the treatment.
  • Breastfeeding: Don’t take medicine if you are involved in breastfeeding; as the research says, the drug may pass the toxicity to your baby, developing in your womb.
  • Driving: It is not proof that medicine makes an impact on the ability of your drive.
  • Kidney: Research says themedicine is safe for patients with kidney problems. 
  • Liver

Having liver disease, you need to be very cautious while taking medicine. But dose adjustment is imperative with kidney problems; in this situation, only the medical practitioners can decide the dose. 

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