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Online Quran Classes

Learning online Quran: The basic Islamic doctrine for religion Islam is found in the holy book Quran. Quran covers almost every subject of human life. The main four themes include the oneness of Allah and His attributes. Then it covers the narratives of prophethood and notions of prophets. It also discusses the afterlife events, that describe hell, heaven, and the Day of resurrection. Additionally, it also explains the social awareness and justice that contains the rituals of worship of Allah, ethics, manners, social life plans, economical balance, etc.

Benefits of Learning Online Quran

It must be performed the duty of every Muslim, to read and recite the Quran. The meaning of the word “Quran” is to read and recite. So one should add this duty to daily routines to become closer to Allah. One can learn Quran online. Various online academies are there to provide online Quran teachers to learn Quran online. They conduct online Quran classes for learning online Quran.

Online Quran classes: convenient & accessible

One can learn Quran at their home, by selecting to learn Quran online. Livequranforkids provide 24-hour service to learn Quran online through online Quran classes. One living in whichever country of the world can avail of the services to learn Quran online via online Quran teachers. Therefore, it is easily accessible to overseas Muslims. So they can know more about their religion Islam.

Free trial for learning online Quran

Livequranforkids offer a free trial for online Quran classes to learn Quran online. So one can get 100% satisfaction with online Quran teachers to learn Quran online. One can choose an online Quran teacher according to their comfort. The option for selecting a male or female Quran tutor is also available.

Certified online Quran teachers

Livequranforkids has a team of high professionals and experienced online Quran teachers for their online Quran classes. They use modern tools and tricks for making learning online Quran easier mode, especially for kids and beginners.

Pillars of Islam for learning online Quran

There are five basic pillars of the religion Islam, which every Muslim has to accept the will of Allah and worship him. It includes the submission of your whole actions and wishes according to Allah. And to accept these “Arkan-e-Islam (pillars of Islam). Online Quran teachers will teach and guide you about how to fulfill the requirements of these pillars of Islam, in online Quran classes.

Faith confession (Shahada)

It is a very simple and fundamental expression of all Islamic beliefs. Every Muslim should accept this stamen with the core of their hearts.

Sawm (fasting)

Muslims observe fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. It is a ritual of fasting, which is compulsory for every Muslim. Online Quran teachers will guide you to perform this article of faith in online Quran classes, along with the rewards for fasting.

Salat (Prayer)

Every Muslim performed it five times a day, from dawn till dusk. Online Quran teachers will teach the way to perform salat and make you learn verses of the Quran for recitation during performing salat. And the step way guide for doing ablution to perform salat in online Quran classes.

Alms-giving awareness in online Quran classes

Zakat is an important aspect to perform, to purify one’s wealth or assets. Every Muslim who is wealthy enough should share an amount of money as zakat with the needy Mulsim of the community. In online Quran classes, the online Quran teachers will teach you about the benefits of giving zakat, which in return has a lot of rewards by Allah, in this world as well in the end. The amount of zakat should be measured by the asset following the rules of Shari’ah.

Learning Quran online through online Quran classes has become increasingly popular in recent years. Online Quran academies offer a convenient way for people to learn Quran from the comfort of their homes, without traveling to a physical location.

Teaching Methods to help students Learn Quran Online

Online Quran teachers use various teaching methods to help students learn Quran, including one-on-one lessons, group lessons, and pre-recorded video lessons. They also use technology such as video conferencing, online whiteboards, and other educational tools to enhance the learning experience.

The benefits of learning Quran online are numerous, including flexibility in scheduling, access to qualified teachers regardless of location, and the ability to learn at one’s own pace. Online Quran classes are also often more affordable than traditional in-person classes.

However, it is important to ensure that the online Quran academy and teachers are reputable and qualified to teach Quran. It is also important for students to be committed and motivated to learn Quran and to have access to a reliable internet connection and appropriate technology.


In conclusion, online Quran classes are a great option for individuals looking to learn Quran conveniently and flexibly. With qualified teachers and the right technology, online Quran classes can provide a high-quality learning experience for students of all ages and backgrounds.

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