How Permanent Retainers are the Right Choice for Your Teeth


Do you know retainers are the appliances to wear once after taking out the braces? Well, they are either removable or permanent. A fixed retainer is actually a metal wire piece which gets attached to inner part of your teeth. The metal wire will then be glued to the teeth for holding them in proper place so that they do not shift back to their pre-braces position.

The orthodontist suggests for using a removable retainer for your upper teeth and fixed braces for the lower teeth. Since fixed retainers seem to be extremely convenient, they are a popular choice for the ones who have a busy schedule. Are you thinking if permanent braces are a good choice for you? Read on to know how these retainers work and know the benefits associated with them.

How permanent retainers usually work?

A permanent retainer or lingual wire is fixed to the back surface of your teeth. When glue is used to attach the retainer, it is generally known as bonded retainer. Your orthodontist will ask to wear braces for solving the problem of your crooked or misaligned teeth. Braces also shift teeth into the right alignment to correct the problems such as spacing or crowding.

But many people are aware once braces are removed, the teeth start to move back to their earlier position. If you want to maintain teeth in their new position, the orthodontist would want to limit their movement. Otherwise, the entire treatment might end up in failing due to relapse.  This is where permanent retainers have an important role as they secure the teeth effectively. You do not have to remove them and then wear them again like removable retainers.

What are some benefits of permanent retainers?

  • Invisible aligners– No one will notice you are wearing the retainers as wires are placed on the inner and less visible surface of teeth.
  • Convenient option– You do not have to wear and remove retainers every now and then.
  • No speech impediment– You will not find it difficult to speak in public places.
  • No fear of loss or damage– When retainers remain attached to the teeth, there is less chance of losing them.

What are the benefits of removable retainers?

  • Easy to clean– It is easy to maintain removable retainers as you can soak them in a cleaning liquid and wash them properly with water.
  • Better option for your upper teeth– Fixed retainers on your upper teeth are highly prone to damage as the lower teeth can bite on them.
  • Removable– You can take them out at the time of eating something.
  • Maintain oral hygiene– You can just remove them off before brushing or flossing teeth.

What should you do when retainers detach from your teeth?

If the permanent retainers detach from your teeth or bend at some point of time, you should not fix it on your own. Here is what you should do for it:

  • Call your dentist without delay – The detached end of the retainer may be harmful as it can damage the teeth and injure your mouth. So, it is important to see a dentist and get it fixed immediately. Also, your detached tooth may accelerate in the movement away from the actual position.
  • Fix your orthodontist appointment – When the ends of retainer are still in place but the wire has been detached from one or more teeth or bent somewhere in the mid-part, you have some time to fix it. Schedule an appointment with the orthodontist and get your retainer repaired or replaced before it can lead to further damage.

How do you clean and floss permanent retainers?

Cleaning your teeth with fixed retainers may be somewhat tricky. Below are some tips to include in your daily oral hygiene habit.

  • Brush your teeth daily – The bristles on your brush pass through the gaps between teeth so that all areas around the retainer remain covered. A sonic toothbrush might be of great help in this area.
  • Flossing in between the teeth – This may be tedious during the initial days when you start flossing. You will become an expert within a few days with proper practice. While inserting floss in between your teeth, proper care should be done to avoid jerking it that may cause harm to the gums. Instead, floss gently on the sides of teeth so that interdental surfaces are cleaned properly.

The permanent retainers are a suitable option to hold the teeth properly in their new positions for your entire life. Make sure you discuss about all possible options with the dentist so that you can choose the most suitable option for your case. So, invisalign braces in London are the right choice to solve the problem of crooked teeth and get them straightened easily.

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