How Cats Hair Shedding Can Affect Their Health

A cat will lose its hair all year regardless of whether it is long-haired, short-haired, or semi-long-haired. You will find your home full of hair, even if you try to clean it, and you’ll soon have them all over again.

Does it ring a bell for you? If we are in the period for shedding, then that is the party. Your furry feline will shed more hair during this time.

You can help your cat cope better with the transition by being prepared.

What are the reasons of shedding?

Cats have hair just like humans. It protects them from heat and cold. The hair change is when the cat’s fur is renewed to make room for the new one. Cats lovers also often ask why does my cat cry when I leave the room?

They do it because they have to. Pure adaptation to the climate in the season. Hair will become finer in heat and hair will get thicker when it is cold. Cats shed hair naturally. All animals, not just cats, have to adjust.

If your cat has bald spots or loses hair more than usual, it is best to take your pet to the vet. The reason behind it poor diet or stress.

The best times to shed cats

As we mentioned, the cat sheds its hair throughout the year. However, there are a few very distinct times when it does shed, these are:

  • Spring: The blood changes and the hairs fly in cats. This is when cats lose the most hair. The molt is the strongest because the cat swaps its thick hair for a finer, more able to handle the high temperatures.
  • Autumn: This season will see your pussycat shed its fur again, but in a smaller amount than spring. The cat will grow thicker hair during this period to help protect it from cold temperatures.

It is true that outdoor cats and cats who go outside shed more hair than indoor cats. This is because the temperature inside a home is not as extreme as outside.

If it is cold, it has heating. If it is hot, it has the fan or air conditioning, failing which.

How can you help your cat through the shedding season

These tips will help you to keep your cat safe during shedding.

Cat hair brushing

Good brushing is a great way to help your cat when she sheds. Brushing is something you should do all year, but it is even more important during the holidays.

This will provide your cat with many benefits. It will eliminate excess hair and prevent it from swallowing during cleaning. You will also increase blood circulation and make new hair strong and healthy.

You will also strengthen your relationship with your cat, who will love the brushing. oh! If you don’t want to take a bite, remember to brush in the direction of your hair.

Malt for cats

After much grooming, your cat will eventually eat the hairs, creating the famous hairballs. If you don’t have to do it often, picture yourself in the situation when you shed your hair.

These hairs are swallowed by the body and become a ball. If it doesn’t end up vomiting, it can get into the intestine, and cause obstruction. This would require a trip to the operating room.

A malt for cats is available to prevent this. This paste prevents hairballs from being created by cats and improves their digestion.

Hairball cat food

This feed is and was specifically created to assist your cat with hairballs. The feed to control hairballs reduces hairball formation and vomiting by, promoting expulsion through the cat’s feces and improving their intestinal tract.

This type of cat food can be given throughout the year. However, it is guaranteed that the cat will shed less.

Bathe your cat

Cat taking a bath during the shedding seasons Combining this with brushing will remove any hairs left after the bath.

These tips, along with some helpful tricks to assist them during those periods of the year when they shed more frequently, will almost guarantee that your furry friend has a pleasant experience with hair shedding.

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