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Welcome to HEIKU Sport, where you may find top-notch entertainment and leisure activities. HEIKU Sport is a reputable family business with more than 60 years of experience committed to giving consumers the finest experience possible. We provide a wide variety of products that have been carefully chosen, examined, and tested, including darts, table football, and pool. Discover why we are the ideal location for all of your leisure needs as we explore HEIKU Sport together.

  1. A Legacy of Quality and Experience

In the leisure sector, HEIKU Sport has been a byword for excellence, knowledge, and passion for more than 60 years. Understanding and satisfying the demands of our esteemed customers has always been a top priority for us as a family-run business. We have steadily increased our product line over the years to provide the largest assortment of leisure goods on the market.

HEIKU Sport has established itself as one of the top manufacturers and producers of pool tables in Germany thanks to our significant knowledge and experience. Over 200 models are available in our collection, all carefully selected to guarantee the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. You can trust a Heiku Sport pool table to bring you years of enjoyment and produce priceless moments with family and friends.

  1. A Diverse Range of Products

HEIKU Sport believes in providing a broad range of items to accommodate various interests and preferences. Our selection extends beyond pool tables and includes pinball, table football, darts, air hockey, kids’ yard games, table tennis, music boxes, and more. At HEIKU Sport, you can locate the ideal gear and accessories for each leisure activity.

We consistently work to stay abreast of the newest trends and technological advancements on the market. Our product line is constantly changing and growing thanks to our partnerships with reputable international manufacturers. This guarantees that our clients have access to the most innovative and engaging leisure products available.

  1. Unparalleled customer service

Customer satisfaction is at the core of all we do at HEIKU Sport. Our passionate group of professionals is committed to offering outstanding service and support. We are here to help you every step of the way, whether you have inquiries regarding a specific product or require individualized guidance. We hear you, understand your goals, and provide personalized recommendations that fit your tastes and financial constraints.

  1. The Importance of Quality and Durability

We recognize the value of longevity and quality in recreational equipment. To ensure our customers enjoy our products, HEIKU Sport carefully chooses those that meet the requirements of our customers. To produce goods that withstand time, we place a high priority on workmanship in all aspects of production, including the materials we use.

  1. Embracing Cozy Atmospheres and Fun Memories

HEIKU Sport is committed to fostering welcoming environments where friends and family can unwind and enjoy one another’s company. We firmly believe in the ability of recreational pursuits to strengthen bonds between individuals, produce treasured memories, and forge deep connections. Our goods are made to improve your leisure time and provide joy and laughter. This is whether it’s a pleasant game of pool, an exciting game of table football, or a heated round of darts.

  1. Exploring Pinball’s Fascinating History

Pinball machines are one of HEIKU Sport’s highlights. Players have been enthralled by these classic game machines for years. At HEIKU Sport, we are dedicated to preserving and honoring pinball’s rich legacy.

Every pinball enthusiast will enjoy our collection, which includes high-tech machines and vintage versions like Terminator 2, Indiana Jones, and Addams Family. We provide not just whole machines but also a large selection of pinball spares parts. This is because we know how difficult it may be to locate and restore well-preserved pinball machines. We have everything you need, including micro post towers, pinball targets, flipper fuses, lighting, and pinball reels.

We also provide free guidance and assistance to assist you in maintaining and restoring your pinball equipment. Our skilled staff is available to respond to your inquiries and offer advice on choosing the appropriate accessories and spare parts for your particular machine. Your pinball experience will be genuine, fun, and memorable because that is our goal.

  1. Convenience and reliability of Online Shopping

We recognize the value of accessibility and ease in the digital age. Because of this, we have developed an online shopping experience that enables you to browse our wide selection of products. This is done while relaxing in your own home. You may easily browse our many options, check out prices, and make a purchase with just a few clicks.

HEIKU Sport also takes pride in providing reliable and effective delivery services. We ensure that the things you’ve chosen are securely wrapped and delivered on schedule. This is so you can use your newly acquired recreational equipment as soon as possible.


For all leisure requirements, HEIKU Sport is your partner. We are convinced that we can give you the most enjoyable leisure experience. This is because of our wide selection of high-quality products, dedication to client satisfaction, and years of industry experience. Discover HEIKU Sport today, and let us assist you and your loved ones make priceless memories. For quality, knowledge, and enthusiasm in leisure fun, choose HEIKU Sport.


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