Everything you need to know about Portable Appliance Testing or PAT

Everything you need to know about Portable Appliance Testing or PAT

What PAT testing is all about?

PAT testing or Portable Appliance Testing London is a test of portable electrical equipment and matching them with the standard set for these types of devices. The test ensures that these devices are safe enough to be used in various projects without initiating any accidents.

Generally, there are three steps that we followed;

  1. An informal checkup run by experts or normal users. This doesn’t involve any detailed checkup!
  2. A formal inspection where the visual inspection is done. The examiner checks the equipment with his naked eyes.
  3. A thorough manual checkup to know the exact condition of the device with a portable appliance tester kit or PAT testing kit.

Is the test recommended?

People use any electrical equipment at their workplace or office or at home, which we all do everyday, you need to run a PAT test. If you are a landlord, or have office based businesses, healthcare settings, restaurants, construction agencies, hotels, manufacturing agencies, you need to run this test. If you are a self-employed person and need to use any electrical equipment due to your work, you must run this test.

Is PAT testing imposed legally?

The government authority doesn’t impose any rule as to check your equipment and submit a report! It only states that your electrical equipment must be in good working condition and they must not impose any incoming danger to any of your employees or you! But the authority never told the user when and how the equipment should get tested! They neither ask to submit the report nor stated any ways through which the equipment should get tested. Electrical equipment manufacturers and industrial experts always insist on running this test on electrical equipment. This will ensure that your equipment is in good condition and you along with your employees are safe.

Is the test essential?

Faulty electrical equipment or outdated and unmaintained electrical equipment can catch fire that can cause a burn, or they can cause electrical shocks at any time which can harm the user at any point. If you check any health and safety act, it will tell that an employer is accountable and responsible for the security, safety, and welfare of his employees. So, it is important to check whether the devices are working well or not! PAT test London prices differ from company to company whose kit you are using!

If the organization fails to ensure the security and safety of its employees, it may face legal actions and fines. Legal actions can harm the reputation of the organization and their business may face a fallback! PAT tests are quite affordable. So, you can run the PAT tests and stay away from the obligations of using faulty devices. This test also keeps your organization’s reputation intact and keeps your employees safe.

Detailed process involved in PAT:

Step 1: User checks

Since the user is using electrical equipment, he knows how the equipment works and what are the standards that need to be maintained here. An user can check the equipment with his naked eye and confirm whether it is in workable condition. If the equipment shows any damage, or cables or wiring coming out of their designated places, then a potential risk is involved.

Step 2: Visual inspection

The equipment should get switched off and an expert PAT tester London can run this visual inspection before you actually go for the manual testing. Here, the expert checks through the conditions of the equipment and most of the problems get notified in this part only.

Things covered during this test:

  • Check the plug and cable for any visible damage or possible damage, wiring dysfunction etc.
  • Check the body of the appliance to see whether it behaves normally or not! If any cuts or abrasion is seen, that needs to be treated.
  • One should check the socket as well. If any cracks or loose fittings can be seen, one needs to repair that ASAP.

Step 3: Manual test with a PAT kit

PAT test should be carried out by an expert electrician or trained personnel only. The person may need to possess a certificate to conduct the test. He can first check the system visually and then use the PAT kit to ensure the equipment is doing well. He will check lead polarity, earth continuity, insulation etc. The equipment passes the test successfully, it will get a pass sticker. If the equipment fails the test, the owner needs to replace or repair the equipment. If it goes for repairing work, once the job is done, it should go through another PAT test just to check whether it is safe to reuse.

When a company should run a PAT test:

Since the test is not mandatory by the government, it is not mentioned anywhere so as to when one should run the PAT test. The company owner or the employer can decide when he needs to run the next PAT test.

Should this test be done on someone’s personal equipment?

Sometimes people come to your office to execute some particular job. Sometimes they carry their own equipment to your end. If they reach your end, it is essential that you run a PAT test in London and ensure that all equipment used in your office should be checked beforehand and ensure that they are safe to work with.

Conclusion: PAT test is very essential for the security of your employees and your company’s reputation. So, run the test on regular intervals and ensure that everything is going smoothly.

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