Does Crushing Vitamins Affect Their Nutritional Value in Smoothies?

Crushing Vitamins

Although there are numerous other methods to consume vitamin supplements, including candies, powders, as well as syrups, pills continue to be quite popular due to their affordability, purity, and shelf life. Unfortunately, most vitamin supplements that come in the form of pills are large, gritty, or otherwise difficult to swallow; for this reason, some individuals chose to smash the pills and combine the powder with beverages.

Crushing vitamin pills into a drink might appear to be the easiest method to consume them if you have trouble swallowing them because it (theoretically) aids hide the pill flavours and guarantee an even smoothness. As few makers provide clear advice on mixing tablets, most people are wondering whether it is secure and efficient to crush vitamins into smoothies. Unfortunately, this is somewhat of a grey area. With a pharmacy-sized asterisk, the solution to the question “Can You Crush Vitamins into Smoothies?” is yes.

Can Vitamins Be Blended?

You could technically mix any kind of vitamin tablet if you have the necessary tools and just enough patience, but that doesn’t imply you should. Use water-soluble pills if you intend to blend them into a smoothie to completely dissolve in your beverage.

Instead, your blender will be covered in vitamin residue or you’ll wind up with a lumpy mess. Fans of vitamin smoothies will be upset to learn that many vitamin supplements are chemically coated or creat to release their contents gradually, so they shouldn’t be blended into smoothies (or after they pass through your stomach).

Crushed Vitamins

Do Vitamins Still Function If They Are Crush?

In general, whether you consume vitamin supplements as a tablet or add them to your liquids, the active elements ought to have equal benefits. Crushing vitamins won’t stop them from doing their wonders because many vitamins, like Vitamin C (also known as Ascorbic Acid), are also available in powder form.

The quality, quantity, and if you’re blending them with anything that might enhance or lessen their benefits are the key aspects to take into account when determining whether you’re able to smash vitamins into smoothies or whether doing so prevents them from functioning. For instance, whereas water-soluble vitamins (B1–12 and C) could be mix with nearly any drink, fat-soluble vitamins (A–K) must be mix with fat like milk or yoghurt to properly dissolve.

Your DIY vitamin beverages will be just as potent as the pills you incorporated into them as long as you blend like with like and stay away from coated and slow-release pills.

Why Is A Multivitamin Necessary?

You might profit from taking a daily multivitamin, based on your specific dietary requirements. Individuals opt to take a multivitamin every day for a variety of reasons. The main justification is to add to their diet and make sure they receive all the essential vitamins and elements. Of course, a nutritious, balanced diet is the best way to guarantee that you obtain the essential vitamins and minerals each day.

However, for numerous people, especially those who lead hectic lives, taking a multivitamin daily may guarantee they obtain the correct amount of nutrients to remain healthy and energised. If you don’t get enough of a particular vitamin or mineral in your diet, augmenting it might be a good idea. See your doctor for a more individualised assessment of your requirements if you’re unclear whether a regular multivitamin is an appropriate choice for you.

Crushed Vitamins

Does Vitamin Crushing Aid In Absorption?

No, not always. As we have shown if the vitamin is made to shield it from stomach acid, shattering the vitamin may harm uptake.

What You Will Require

Before you begin blending your vitamin smoothies, you must first confirm that it is okay to shatter your vitamin pills (by reading the box or with a doctor). Secondly, make sure you possess everything you require to make tasty vitamin smoothies from fruit, vegetables, and tablets. If you improvise, you can end up with a dirty kitchen as well as a lumpy beverage.


Combining smoothies and pills is an obvious approach to increase your daily nutrient consumption if you have trouble swallowing pills. Choose uncoated, water-soluble vitamins and thoroughly smash them before adding them to your favourite smoothies because creating a pleasant and, well, smooth smoothie isn’t as easy as throwing a few multivitamins as well as a banana in the blender.

To avoid having to take too much or combine with other medications, like with any vitamin supplement, see a doctor before making vitamin smoothies a normal part of your diet. You ought to additionally follow the recommendations on the box. We hope that this post has clarified the issue of being able to smash vitamins into smoothies once and for everything and shown you how to help the vitamins go down very easily.

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