Clear And Unbiased Facts About App Development

Clear And Unbiased Facts About App Development

The software and app development houses are expected to elevate and have more development than ever. App development has seen an increase in their rate, especially in the past two years. Interestingly, the number of apps is growing dramatically and has become a lucrative business for app developers.

From the beginning of Covid-19, consumer conduct took a turn, and it made many brands and businesses restyle and reevaluate their business operations. As the world was already inspired by digitalization, it was not new for the world to adjust to it. Instead, businesses and brands took it as a chance to adapt to novel changes. It added additional value to businesses and their users.

Do You Really Need to Make an App?

Despite the growing market, it is not easy to make an app or find a successful mobile marketer. Conduct in-depth research, and make sure it is useful for your business. On the step where you plan to create an app, carry out extensive research and understand the current dynamics of app development and the market.

Moreover, have a look if the app you are looking for or app development in general suits your business. For B2B businesses, apps are becoming increasingly popular, and many of their business operations are carried out through them.

Before moving forward and getting into details of App development guide study about the market facts about app development and how integral is mobility. Currently, there are more than 2 billion apps for the users.

8 Facts That You Should Know About App Development as A Developer

Developers and anyone interested in app development should make research before stepping into the industry. Check what type you need and how it will serve your goals in the long-term.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the facts about mobile app development.

Fact No – 1 Apps Have Multiple Operating Systems

Apps run on multiple operating systems; the apps are created on different platforms to add a strong base. If you create an app on different platforms, you can gain massive traffic and have so many downloads on your app. Different types of mobile app platforms include Native Apps, Web Apps, and Hybrid Apps.

Fact No – 2 The Biggest App Industry

As you are familiar with, the app development industry is one of the boosting industries. However, some specific apps have the highest demand. The gaming industry is one of the booming industries and a great place to invest. In the past years, 21% of the Android, and 25% of iOS downloads were of games. The market is growing, and by the year 2026, it is expected to have a worth of $173.4bn.


Fact No – 2 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

AI and cloud computing gives businesses a greater opportunity to perform. AI has better processors that perform tasks in a better way. AI apps have their strengths and weaknesses. They have the ability to process data, NLP, image, and voice recognition.

Fact No – 4 Make Interactive Apps

The term interactive apps are essential for any business and the ones who want to have an app. There are some advantages attached to it. If you choose an interactive app design, it is more visually attractive to the users and customers receive an instant result for their search.

Fact No – 5 Google Play Store and Apple Play Store

Apps on different platforms have different numbers, and on Google Play Store there are about 2.86 million apps for download. On the other hand, Apply Play Store has about 1.96 million apps. Generally, the app market is growing at large but is based on various segments. The studies show that for the past five years, the app revenue is increasing, and there is a huge demand expected to grow by 13.4% from 2022 to 2030.

Source: Business of Apps

Fact No – 6 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

AR and VR are evolving over the years, and now are the new norm in app development. AR apps have a lot of potential to add efficiency and promise a lot of efficiencies. In an AR app, you can try on items in a virtual experience such as clothes, makeup, furniture, and more. They provide detailed analytics of consumer behavior while driving sales.


Fact No – 7 Facebook Is the Market of App Revenue

If you explore the app revenue market, there are many ways businesses add revenues to their account. You cannot decide on one place to spend on mobile app growth. Social media platforms like Facebook are one of the best places to gain app revenue. Over the last few years, it collected about 92% of its revenue.

Fact no – 8 General Facts About Apps

If you are planning to develop an app, you can target more users online and create an efficient business at a global level. Moreover, payment methods, cameras, and order tracking are easily accessible through apps. Many apps integrate offline functionality that makes apps more reliable and user-friendly.

What is the Best Method to Develop Apps?

The best way to answer this question, hire a mobile app developer. It is because they are well equipped and pros at developing apps. Before hiring an app developer, you need to be aware of their work experience.

Have a set budget and select app developers under that make sure you have a detailed conversation with the developer before making a decision. Now, hiring freelance app developers is never a bad idea. Instead of paying a hefty amount to in-house app developers, pay hourly costs to a freelance app developer at fixed rates.

The Closing Note

The 8 facts about app development that you have to learn in app development may be useful before you develop an app. They can help make your future apps with robust UI and functionality. The facts can help you in overcoming any challenge regarding app development. So, start building an app, and apply the best facts to avoid any kind of hassle.

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