Why Now is the Time to Pursue a Degree in Criminal Justice

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Crime fighters are revered figures in pop culture. Who doesn’t love a hero? From a tech-savvy genius playboy billionaire to a cape-crusader with a gravelly voice and a fondness for bats and butlers, there are so many figures we love because they walk the path of justice and righteousness. But superheroes don’t only exist in comic books and the big screens. In real life, they work tirelessly and fulfill many roles: forensic teams, police officers, profilers, and more. If you plan on pursuing a criminal justice degree, here’s why you should go ahead.

Criminal Justice: What is It? 

Criminal justice is the provision and pursuit of justice when it comes to criminal cases. When you talk about the discipline and its applications, though, there are numerous fields and practices than the ones you often see on TV, read about in procedural crime novels, or watch on the big screen. Here are some of the reasons you should think about choosing a criminal justice degree.

Multifaceted Discipline 

Criminal and social justice programs involve an array of different elements. While the programs focus on the study of people, they primarily look at psychology and sociology concepts, in addition to the psychology behind legal decision-making. Criminal and social justice are disciplines that expose students to the courtroom and crime labs. If you want to work in any of those fields, pursuing a criminal justice degree online can help. It can provide you with plenty of chances to explore promising employment options.

Beyond Crime-Fighting Skills

A criminal justice degree does not only teach you crime-fighting skills. In addition, you also learn a range of soft and hard skills that you can apply in numerous fields. Expect your curriculum to teach you the following:

  • Data analysis. As a criminal justice student, you will look at large sets of data. You’ll learn how to break down data into usable information and how to come up with a convincing case.
  • Research methods. You’ll learn to study different types of data and learn about measurement scales. You will also improve your skills in hypothesis, probability, sampling, and other research designs.
  • Criminal behavior psychology. You’ll examine records of real-world psychology. These records are often the work of experts and experienced social workers, so you gain incredible insight into how criminal minds work. That helps strengthen your analysis skills.

If you become a criminal justice student, you have plenty of chances to explore so many different topics. That can even lead you to new areas of interest. If you are still thinking about your future career plans and goals, exploring different interests can help you determine the path you want to take.

Versatile Skillset and Opportunities 

One of the best things about pursuing a criminal justice degree is the acquisition of a versatile skillset. Given the way the program combines various elements of political science, psychology, literature, and sociology, you can acquire a diverse education and training. That can open numerous career doors. You can become a police officer, probation officer, border patrol officer, federal marshal, state police, criminal investigator, immigration officer, private security manager, a homeland security and terrorism prevention agent, and more. If you are interested in pursuing a master’s degree in criminal justice, that will give you enough credentials, so you can qualify for jobs such as a correctional officer supervisor or detective.

Job Security 

Most people want work that provides them with job security. As a graduate of a criminal justice program, you can qualify for jobs that provide excellent job security, such as being a police officer. Working for the government as an immigration officer also fits the bill. If you want a job where you won’t easily be cast aside and that offers excellent benefits and security, consider a career in the field of criminal justice.

Passion and Motivation 

Are you driven and motivated to make a difference in people’s lives? Do you want to be in a position where you can help people? Earning a degree in criminal justice can provide the training you need to become a criminal justice professional. If you want a job that fuels your personal and professional drive, that can help you achieve your work goals, go after a degree in criminal justice.

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