What Is IPTV? Everything You Need to Know About the Future of Video

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Convenience is what matters for anyone in this world. Internet has become an undeniable aspect that fuels our convenience. Consumers, today, want to view whatever they want at their convenient time. This is made possible with latest technology and advancements.

Once such technology is the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television). best IPTV uses internet service to deliver video on-demand. The demand for IPTV is increasing day-by-day and there is no sign of declining in the future.

Though IPTV is familiar in recent times, many of us may not be aware about the IPTV service and how it works. In this article we will get to know what IPTV is about, how the technology works, its benefits and challenges in detail.

What is an IPTV?

For easy understanding, we can simply define IPTV as watching TV through an internet connection. As traditional TV requires a fiber-optic cable, but IPTV doesn’t require any cable and only with the help of the internet service the IPTV service can be activated.

There is no need to sit in front of a TV to watch your favorite TV shows. You can access all TV channels live from your laptop, mobile, and PC.

If you want to watch your IPTV in your TV then you need to upgrade your TV to smart TV and also you should have a set-top box.

How the IPTV works?

Though IPTV and traditional TV has the same goal of delivering TV channels to viewers, the working pattern of IPTV differs from the traditional TV.

  •       When a user selects a program, the IPTV provider will search for the file and then it will encode the file and make it ready for streaming.
  •       The file will be encrypted so that it will be able to access only by the paid viewers.
  •       The encrypted file will be embedded with advertisements if the program is a free program. This is one source revenue generation for the provider.
  •       Finally, the video will be streamed and the user will be able to watch their favorite video on-demand.

We need to accept that IPTV has more advantage than the traditional TV. With IPTV, users can have a two-way interaction with the service provider. He can demand certain video content and can watch them as per his interest.

This is not possible with the traditional TV. 24/7, programs will be aired and either you are willing to watch it or not, the program will keep broadcasting. So, it is very clear that the user will have more control on IPTV than the traditional TV.

Benefits of IPTV service

  • IPTV can be accessed with any ISP such as VoIP and a normal high-speed internet service.
  • Users can watch both live TV channels and recorded video programs through their subscription package.
  • Users can use their current internet package to access the IPTV service and there is no need to go for a separate internet connection.
  • Users will get opportunity to access a huge library of video contents and they can demand the video they want to watch.
  • All contents will be available in the host network and users has the control of watching what they want.
  • Two-way communication is possible with IPTV. User requests what he wants and the server will search and deliver the exact content.
  • IPTV is device compatible. Users can access from their smart devices. There are exclusive IPTV for Firestick too. Users can search for the best IPTV for Firestick and can view through them.
  • More security is offered through the IPTV service as the content is delivered through internet. Multiple firewall security functions are offered.
  • Users can have hassle-free connection and there is no need of bunch of wires for accessing the service. So enhanced user experience is guaranteed.

Challenges of IPTV service

Nothing is easy in business. You need to always keep your customers satisfied and should struggle more in retaining them. IPTV also faces challenges in acquiring and retaining its consumers.

Consumers expects more: as IPTV is one of the latest technologies, users who are technology freaks will start expecting more. For eg. If the IPTV service offer 4K video quality, users will start demanding for 8K video and more. So, satisfying their demands all the time is the toughest part.

Service should be compatible with thousands of devices: Device compatibility is the most essential feature for IPTV. But making it possible is not an easy joke for the IPTV provider. Users may have any screen size and any smart device. They expect to have the service on their smart device with the same video clarity. The provider needs to be sure that the service will run perfectly on any device model.

Providing customer support 24/7: since the technology is new for many consumers, they may get doubts often. The support team of the IPTV provider should be available round the clock. If customers do not get proper support they may lose their trust on the brand and this will affect the credibility of the provider. 


With the steady growth in the count of IPTV users, clearly explains how strong the future of IPTV is. Many aspiring entrepreneurs are looking into IPTV business. If you have a plan of building your own IPTV from scratch then this is the right time to start.

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