How To Reach Delhi To Religious City Haridwar?

In Haidwar City, There are also many places of interest like Chandi Devi Temple, Mansa Devi Temple, Maya Devi Temple, Vaishno Devi Temple, Bharat Mata Temple and Saptarishi Ashram. This is the reason that a large number of tourists reach here throughout the year.




The gods tried to kill them, but when they did not succeed, they pleaded for the destruction
of both in the court of Lord Bholenath.
Then Mother Chandi incarnated with the brilliance of Lord Bholenath and the deities and took 
the form of Chandi and made those demons run. Shumbha, Nishumbh were hiding on this Nile 
mountain. When the mother appeared here in the form of a pillar and killed both of them.
After this the mother asked the gods to ask for a boon. All the gods of the heavenly world 
asked the mother to remain seated at this place for the welfare of mankind. Since then, Mata 
is sitting here and doing welfare of her devotees and in view of the importance of this temple, 
devotees from different places of the country reach here with reverence during Navratras.


Uttarakhand's famous city HARIDWAR means the gate of Hari. It is called Ganga Dwar and in the 
Puranas it is called Mayapuri Kshetra. There are many famous and wondrous places of 
mythological period here. 
There are 3 miraculous places of mother here. First Mayadevi Shaktipeeth, second 
Chandi Devi temple and third Mansa Devi temple. Come know about Mata Mansa Devi Temple.
There is a power triangle in the city of Haridwar. On one of its corners is the famous place of
Goddess Chandi, situated on the Nilparvat. Parvati with Daksheshwar on the other. It is also said that the mind of Mother Sati had fallen here, 
hence this place became famous by the name Mansa.
Goddess of snakes on top of Balwa mountain on Shivalik hills behind Har ki Pauri the temple was 
established.This mother is the son of Lord Shiva. She is also believed to be the son of 
Kashyap Rishi and Goddess Kadru. One idol of Goddess Mansa Devi has three faces and five arms 
while the other idol has eight arms.
Manasa Devi is also known as Vasuki, being the sister of Vasuki, the son of Kadru and Kashyapa.
Vasuki is a serpent around Shiva's neck. According to the scriptures, Manasa Maa was married 
to Jagatkaru Rishi.
It is said that 7 snakes are always present 
in their protection. His son Aastik is seated in his lap. It was the believer who saved 
Vasuki from the snake sacrifice. According to the folklore of Bengal, the treatment of 
snakebite is done by Mansa Devi.
You can reach this place by tram, but the pleasure of walking the inaccessible hills is 
something else. From the city of Haridwar, pedestrians have to climb a steep climb of about 
one and a half km. However, the temple can also be reached by car or bike a little earlier.
Devotees of Maa come here to fulfill their wish and tie a sacred thread on the branch of the 
tree and when their wish is fulfilled, they come again to worship the mother and take her 
blessings and untie the thread from the branch. It is believed that those who have come for 
the first time have never left empty handed.

HARIDWAR Known as the main pilgrimage site of Hindus, Haridwar is not only visited by local people but also from all over the country and abroad. This district of Uttarakhand is also known as Ganga Dwar. Every evening Ganga Aarti is held at Har Ki Pauri Ghat here, which is visited by a large number of tourists. If there is a special festival, then this place is also decorated with lamps. This view is mesmerizing.

There are also many places of interest like Chandi Devi Temple, Mansa Devi Temple, Maya Devi Temple, Vaishno Devi Temple, Bharat Mata Temple and Saptarishi Ashram. This is the reason that a large number of tourists reach here throughout the year. Haridwar is very close to Delhi, so there is good connectivity between the two, which makes planning a trip quite easy.

How to reach Haridwar from Delhi


There is no direct flight from Delhi to Haridwar city. In this way, you can book a flight seat from Delhi to Dehradun. The special thing is that the fare between them is also not high, and the journey time is also only 55 minutes. Many buses and taxis run from Dehradun airport to Haridwar. You can choose an option according to your comfort.


Railroad track:

Haridwar can also be reached from New Delhi via rail route. Journey from the train takes about four and a half hours. There are many trains running between Delhi-Haridwar, but getting tickets for a particular festival becomes very difficult. It would be better if you plan a trip in advance and book tickets for such occasions.


By Road :

Government and private bus services are available to reach Haridwar from Delhi. You can also reach Haridwar by booking your own car or taxi from Haridwar Car Rental. It takes about five and a half hours to reach Haridwar from Delhi by road.

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