How to Promote Outdoor Playing in your Kids? Top 6 Ideas


Decades ago, playing inside the four walls was unheard of. Kids would always go outside to play, often for a minimum of 2 to 3 hours a day. Nowadays, it’s a different story since digitalization took over. Due to all the technological gadgets, and screens, children don’t engage in outdoor playing as much as they need to. 

Around 43% of kids prefer to stay indoors unless you take them to fun activities like Zipline in Dubai. Likewise, they must go outside in the fresh air and cherish the natural beauty. So, have you got any idea about swapping the screens for the garden?

If not, then don’t worry, as we’ve got you. Let’s find out how to encourage outdoor playing in your kids with these minimal tips. 

  • Begin with the Minimum

If you have a backyard in your home, it’ll be a great start rather than taking your kid directly to a public space like a park. Not only will it be utterly out of their comfort zone, but all the motivation seems overwhelming. 

Let them explore the areas by using their comprehension to the most. A pro tip is to add toys resembling nature, like toy road signs or cars, to help your child blend into the outside world.

  • Add a Fun Element 

It’ll depend on your child’s age, yet adding a little fun element to the outdoor session is an incredible way to get their imaginations to run wild. For instance, would they be interested in hunting for treasures with a map? 

Or they’ll like to create a jungle-like scenario by trying to cross the bridge as a winning spot. Creating fun and innovative games that are only done outdoors enhances your children’s critical-thinking skills.

  • Set their Toys Outside 

Everyone knows that kids tend to get attached to their toys, either temporarily or permanently. One of the best ways to keep them interested outdoors is to organize their favorite toys outside. 

This way, they will be delighted with the entire outdoor-play theme and feel more relaxed with their furry companions. It can be building blocks, soft toys, racing cars, or anything that can withstand the outdoor elements.

  • Make it a Family Affair. 

If your kids spend most of the week with one parent, you may make it a family-friendly evening. This way, you may engage the kids in physical activities, and the entire family will be engrossed. 

Activities like family cycling trips or hiking on trails will help you combine family time with productivity. In addition, interacting with the kids like their peers is your growth as a parent. You can even prepare a family calendar to schedule outdoor adventures in different locations around your hometown or outside of it. 

  • It’s a Great Time For Swimming 

With pleasant temperatures and warm breezes, summers have started to knock on the door. So, it’s time to let your kids dive deeper into the outdoor swimming pools. You can tag sprinkles, toy tugboats, water guns, and other similar accessories to encourage your children for watersports.

On the other hand, you may drive them to the nearest beach and indulge in beach sports like volleyball, surfing, kayaking, and boating. After all, nothing excites the children more than the bubbles pouring out of the dancing sea waves, let alone delving into them. 

  • Engage them in Outdoor Chores. 

Next, you can include the kids in the household chores outdoors, like cleaning outdoor furniture, bathing the pets and feeding them, hanging the wet clothes on the railing, doing light gardening and landscaping, and so on.

Allow them to accompany you with a mini-wheelbarrow, so they can feel the sense of helping the parents with the outdoor chores. Physical mental and healthy activity are very important for kids.

Ending Thoughts!

Every child has a unique personality with a different ability to perceive the benefits of the outdoors and team-building activities. Ultimately, it influences their playing and interacting habits with others. Therefore, it takes time to adjust to the environment as per the comfort zone. If they’re more comfortable indoors, it might be hard to get them out. However, with the tips and tricks mentioned above, you should be able to get your kids to appreciate the outdoors in no time. 

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