Haircutting Kit With Trisbro Shears


Before you cut your hair with Trisbro shears, you should take some precautions. These include following proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures. You should also use trisbro shear oil to maintain their performance. This will prevent rust and stiffness, which will lead to uneven cuts.


When using haircutting kit with Trisbro scissors, be sure to sanitize and clean your scissors thoroughly before each use to avoid infection and to make your shears last longer. Trisbro scissors are made of Japanese steel and are ergonomically designed. It is important to clean your shears thoroughly between clients and use shear oil after each use to preserve their performance and to prevent rusting. In addition, shear oil prevents the shears from becoming stiff and will prevent them from making a lot of uneven cuts.

While it is important to use oil on your scissors, be sure to avoid over-oiling them. This will make them slippery and increase the chance of them falling. Also, when using hair shears, make sure to take your time to hold them properly. You should hold them at a 45-degree angle and rub the oil into the blades using a soft cloth. Avoid over-oiling your shears, as too much oil can make them more prone to falling and causing injuries.


Using the proper techniques for cleaning and storing your haircutting kit is important for maintaining your tools for years to come. Regular cleaning keeps them in good condition and ensures that they will cut hair smoothly and efficiently. Proper storage is also necessary for hygiene reasons. You should follow your barber’s rules regarding the use and storage of scissors to avoid rusting and shortening their life.

When cleaning your scissors, use a chamois cloth. This is a leather cloth that’s included in most scissors maintenance kits. This cloth helps clean the outer edge of the blade. This will make the blade smoother and reduce the risk of catching on hair. This cleaning method is similar to stropping with a razor, but for scissors.


It is imperative to sanitize your haircutting kit with Trisbro scissors before each use to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Keeping your scissors clean will minimize the risk of infection and keep them working at their optimal performance for longer. After each use, you should wipe the scissors with a clean cloth or rag. Do not leave your scissors wet, as this will cause them to rust and shorten their lifespan.

To disinfect the shears, you need to use a disinfectant solution that contains Barbicide. This solution will kill any bacteria left on the blades of the scissors, reducing the risk of cross-transfer between clients. Use a disinfectant solution that is thin and sprayed on both sides of the scissors. Then allow them to dry, or soak in the solution for 10 minutes.

Texturizing effects

Texturizing effects can be achieved with scissors. A good pair of texturizing shears should have a blade with a straight blade. Texturizing shears can also be used to create a point cut. When cutting a hairstyle, it is best to start with the shortest side of the hair.

Texturizing shears are specifically designed to produce a sleek, textured finish without the bulk of thinning shears. They are designed for use on a variety of types of hair, including thick or fine. Texturizing shears are generally not designed for use on very long hair. The main purpose of thinning shears is to reduce the thickness of the hair. Unlike thinning shears, texturizing shears are intended to create a shape and movement. Texturizing shears are made of Japanese steel and have ergonomic handles for ease of use.

Texturizing scissors are generally used on hair below the crown. This method gives more volume and lift to the hair than thinning. They can also be used to thin out hair at the crown. The texture of the hair is created by alternating the angles between the thinning and straight scissors. After using the texturizing scissors on hair, comb it through to ensure that the desired effect has been achieved.


Trisbro shears allow you to cut hair with precision and natural texture. These scissors come with ergonomic grips and an offset design that reduces wrist fatigue. To cut hair with precision and safety, use the scissors slowly and use the detangling brush to help prevent breakage. Shears should be oiled before use to preserve performance and prevent rusting and stiffness, which can lead to uneven cuts.

Always make sure that the scissors have the right blade length. Some scissors have different blade lengths, so you need to measure the length from the tip of the blade to the finger rest. This is important because incorrectly chosen scissors can cause health problems later in life. Mishandling scissors can result in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis, locked joints, tennis elbow, postural fatigue, and more.

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