Furnishing the office in an industrial style

Office Furniture Industrial style

Would you like to give your office a sober, essential but whimsical look? Do you want a functional, minimal and welcoming office? Industrial style is for you. Let’s see how to choose seats, desks and other furniture components, as well as the materials suitable to give your office a true industrial look.

Characteristics of industrial furniture

The industrial style was born in New York in the 1950s, with the aim of recovering disused areas, such as old factories and industrial warehouses, to transform them into living spaces, such as lofts or open spaces. The style has a simple design and a grunge charm where various styles converge. Furnishing in an industrial style is not a simple operation. Choosing the right furnishing accessories is essential, both to avoid falling into monotony, risking to create cold environments, and not to exceed originality. Let’s see how to do it.

How to create an industrial style office

The industrial style goes perfectly with large spaces. It is therefore essential to create an open space office where you can set up various workstations. If you need to create rooms with more privacy, avoid masonry or plasterboard solutions and choose glass and metal partitions, central elements of industrial design. Furnishing accessories made of raw metal, leather armchairs, wooden tables with a simple look and large lamps for lighting are the key principles of this style.

The materials

Choose raw but warm materials, sturdy but balanced furnishings and play on the contrast of colors. The materials indicated for furnishing an industrial-style office are:

  • Metal: finds its main use in the support structures of tables and desks. You can use anthracite, sand or dove gray colors to make the environment more rustic and the lacquered metal in white or black to create simple contrasts;
  • Wood: it is one of the predominant materials of the industrial style. The wooden furnishing accessories help to give your office an appearance of robust simplicity ;
  • Glass: it is another classic material of industrial design. Perfect if used to divide spaces in a simple and functional way, through the partition walls;
  • Leather and hide: these are the preferred materials for the upholstery of seats and armchairs.


Industrial style welcomes extremes. The shades of gray, which recall concrete and plaster, or appropriately calibrated brown and black, are a good base from which to start. To create contrasts, combine black and light wood or white and dark brown. A touch of bright color, such as using orange or purple in the waiting chairs, will help you not to darken the room too much.

Do you need a more versatile table? Then we suggest the Unitable line , which offers functional and innovative executive desks, with aluminum legs and worktop in glass or wood , ideal for creating those color contrasts that will give your office an industrial look .

If, on the other hand, you have an open space available, we recommend the Oxi Color line. The desk has a minimal design and a metal and wood worktop. It is available in a wide choice of colors (blue, orange, yellow), with which you can dare and break the mold, to create that contrast typical of the industrial style.

The sessions

The chairs can also be chosen in the industrial style. The only precaution is that those for employees and collaborators, who remain seated at the desk for hours, must be comfortable and ergonomic. A few examples? In the Galassia Sistema line you will find padded, practical, adjustable and modern chairs. They are made in blue, orange and cream colors and can also be combined with chairs for interlocutors with a steel structure, which fit perfectly into an environment with an industrial look.

Another suggestion comes from the Athena Rete Evo line, which designs chairs in mesh and aluminum with a sled system. Available in a beautiful dull green combined with black and steel and in many other colors with which you can furnish your industrial -style office with flair and simplicity.

Wall units with an industrial look

To complete your industrial office there are wardrobes with sliding shutters, typical of the offices of the old industries, but above all the equipped walls. They are composed of modular elements, such as drawers, shelves and doors that can be freely combined with each other, which allow you to furnish and divide the work spaces in complete freedom. The colors (wood, ice gray or smoky), also combinable with each other, are a clear reference to the industrial style.

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