Benefits of Sunscreen


Benefits and Harms of Sunscreen

Sunscreen, as soon as you mention its name, everyone will advise you to apply it. Because sunscreen, as the name suggests, is a ‘screen’ made for the sun. Sunscreen acts like a layer on our skin, which protects our skin from direct damage caused by the sun’s ‘ultraviolet rays’ in strong sunlight. Sunscreen contains some important ingredients like zinc oxide, titanium oxide etc. to protect the skin from these harmful rays of the sun. They protect our skin from ‘aging effects’ i.e. untimely aging and ‘sunburn’, but the effect of sunscreen depends mostly on the ‘SPF’ present in it i.e. ‘Sun Protecting Factor’. The higher the SPF in a sunscreen, the more effective the sunscreen is. You get sunscreen in the form of cream, lotion and moisturizer in the market.

1. Prevents Sunburn

This is one of the major reasons why our skin gets spoiled in summer. Sunburn makes our skin weak. Sunburn is a major cause of blemishes. So apply sunscreen daily before going out in summer. Especially ‘eye bags’ are not formed by going out with sunscreen under the eyes.

2. No tanning

The ultraviolet rays of sun  is very damaging to our skin. Tanning is a huge issue along with other problems. Tanning means that open part of our body which turns black due to prolonged exposure to the sun is called tanning. So the cure for this tanning is that if you go out, keep the body covered as much as possible. Second, use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above.

3. Best cosmetic option

Most of the sunscreens these days have a combination of moisturizers together. So we do not have to take cream or moisturizer separately. That’s why try to use only good brand sunscreen with moisturizer.

4. Protect skin health

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Proteins essential for the skin like collagen, carotene and elastin keep our skin soft and healthy. Apply sunscreen to protect all these elements from the harmful rays of the sun.

5. Avoid premature aging

Actually, sunscreen creates a kind of protective layer on your skin so that the sun’s rays do not directly harm your skin, which makes it easier to prevent freckles, fine lines and wrinkles.

6. Prevention of skin cancer

Sunscreen also helps protect the skin from cancer. Melanoma, for example, is considered to be the worst skin cancer which is extremely dangerous for women.

Another important thing related to sunscreen

We think that after applying sunscreen our skin is completely safe, but it is not so. In fact, in the months of May-June when the sun is at its peak, as much as possible, the skin should be protected from direct exposure to the sun. In addition to wearing sunscreen, wear more clothing. Use water based sunscreen especially these days.

Disadvantages of sunscreen

1. Chemical damage

Many types of chemicals are used in making sunscreen to turn it into a real sunscreen. Some of these chemicals reach the tissue inside through the skin. For example, chemicals like tetracycline, sulfa phenothiazine etc. which prove to be harmful for the skin.

2. Skin allergy

skin allergies

When the chemicals used to make sunscreen are applied on the skin, it can cause problems like itching, red rashes, redness on the skin, swelling. If you feel any kind of allergy after applying any sunscreen, then stop using it immediately.

3. Eye irritation

While applying sunscreen many times it also goes into our eyes. Getting sunscreen in the eyes can cause pain and irritation. Some sunscreens contain a lot of chemicals, so the next time you get into your eyes while applying sunscreen, wash them with cold water. Yes, if you still feel the problem even after this, contact your doctor immediately.

4. Growing Acne

If your skin is already sensitive, then using sunscreen can be harmful for you. Why? Because the chemicals present in sunscreen can further increase the problem of acne. My advice to you is that you either choose a medicated sunscreen for yourself or consult your doctor.

SPF is commonly used to prevent sunburn caused by UVB rays. The higher the SPF in a sunscreen, the less damage caused by ultraviolet B rays to the skin. For example, if your sunscreen has an SPF of 15, then the skin gets 15 times more sun protection. On the other hand, if you go out in the hot sun without using sunscreen, then the risk of skin scorching increases up to 15 times. Not only this, the skin can burn within 20 minutes if sunscreen or sunblock cream is not used. On the other hand, if you go out by applying sunscreen, then you can move around in the hot sun without any problem for four to five hours. Pay special attention to the fact that SPF protects the skin only from UVB rays, it is not effective on UVA rays.

Sunscreen vs Sunblock

UVA rays are more dangerous because they leave effects on the skin for a long time. UVB rays are responsible for sunburn and photo aging. According to beauty expert Puniti Chowdhary of 7 Shades Salon, sunscreen moderately filters UVB rays, while sunblock contains zinc oxide, which protects the skin from both types of rays.

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