7 Top Invisalign Hacks and Tips That Experts Suggest

7 Top Invisalign Hacks and Tips That Experts Suggest

Invisalign has been a game-changer for people all across the world. And you may have decided to reap its unique benefits and welcome a new YOU. Congratulations on your decision on getting Invisalign London and attain your dream smile.

As with any orthodontic treatment, it can take time to adjust to the new lifestyle. Just like you, we care for your oral well-being and have jotted down a list of Invisalign tricks to help you settle into your treatment without much headache.

There are a lot of changes to your lifestyle while undergoing treatment. Sometimes, it may make you feel a little anxious but you got to hang in there and use this guide as your armour. Here we present our expert Invisalign tips on how to make sure your treatment is a success.

You will brush more often

Call it a benefit or an opportunity, but you can take your clear braces for eating, brushing, and things like these. This does not mean you will do so frequently. But when you do take your aligners out, make sure you brush and floss after enjoying your favourite foods.

This means brushing and flossing will take a greater part in your oral hygiene routine, with you brushing and flossing after every meal. This is to ensure plaque build-up is nada and your breath remains as fresh as always.

If needed, carry a dental hygiene kit always when you are outside- so that it does not get hard for you to clean your mouth while outside.

Aligners ask for proper cleaning too

Just like your teeth, your aligners could use some cleaning benefits. Whenever you put them back in your mouth, make sure you rinse and clean them well. By doing so, you will ensure there is no food residue inside your teeth.

But cleaning your aligners does not mean being harsh on them. Clean them in a way that does not hurt the built of your aligners. You will want to use some lukewarm water for cleaning them.

Invisalign cases are your lifesaver

Aligners are removable and that is the USP of the treatment. Patients love this fact more than anything. But all good things come with some flaws. They can be lost or broken if you are not careful.

Cannot understand what we are saying? Whenever you take out your aligner trays, the best place to store them is an aligner case. You will need to do this to eliminate the risks of damage to your aligners. After all, losing them in the middle of your treatment can delay your results, affecting the ultimate results. Never ever put your aligners here and there while you are busy doing other important tasks. Since they are transparent, they may not be visible to your naked eye.

Follow the 22 hours rule every day

It is a common concern among Invisalign patients whether they have to wear their clear aligners all day long. Well, we would appreciate it if you do so for great results. When it comes to orthodontics, there are certain things you cannot fix with any superpower. And this rule is not an exception.

You ought to keep them on for the recommended time frame to get the best results. Otherwise, you are only going to delay your treatment, extend the time of the treatment unnecessarily and your expenditure will increase too.

The only time you can take your aligners out is when you eat, brush, floss or drink liquids other than water. The more you keep them in your mouth, the faster and better results are going to benefit you.

Pre-schedule appointments with your orthodontist

Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign does not need frequent visits to the dentist. This means you save your precious time and can use them doing other important chores that matter too.

But when you do have to visit the best Invisalign provider London, make sure you pre-book your appointment. During your visit, he or she will do a complete check-up of your oral condition, evaluate the progress, and you will be good to go.

By pre-booking your appointment, you ensure your time is not wasted waiting hours for a simple check-up and your treatment does not lose track.

Wear retainers even after finishing your treatment

Once you reach the end of your treatment, it is time for you to get ready for the results. To enhance your treatment results, it pays to keep your retainers in place. If you do not follow this hack, you will end up causing your teeth to shift back to their previous position.

So, why waste all your hard work, money and effort by not wearing your retainers? The more you keep them in, the more sound results will enrich your treatment experience.

Note: Experts suggest keeping the final aligner trays as a backup. They may come in handy when you are done getting replacements.

Professional dental cleanings are a must

Skipping dental cleanings may seem tempting, but doing so when you are under the treatment can place you in a worse position. With Invisalign, you should be on top of your dental hygiene routine to maximize the results afterwards.

When you choose to go to your dentist for professional cleaning, you say yes to whiter, brighter and healthier teeth. When you are done with the treatment, you will thank yourself for seeing the results that followed.

Get your dream smile today!

As you settle yourself into the new life with Invisalign, these tips can come to your aid. Make sure you religiously follow what your orthodontist has to say. If you have more queries about your unique Invisalign issue, do let us know the same at Chatfield Dental Braces. Our professional and friendly team of orthodontists are always here to help.


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